Boeing 747 with Salty mod impressed me

hi guys, so after flying mostly the FBW A32NX, i decided to give it a try to the Boeing 747 with the Salty mod. I fly this aircraft in the early days and left it right away as the experience was horrible. But today i decided to give it a try and i was impressed. The are only two issues i had but were no critical. LNAV stop following the route so i had to change to HDG mode and later on it LNAV worked very nice. And the other thing i noticed is that after catching the ILS very well, in the flare the aircraft floats a lot in the air.

But besides to that, it was a nice experience. In VR it is simply amazing you get the feeling of being very high!

For those who are in love with this aircraft, i think it is time to give it a try :slight_smile:

I agree! Salty did an excellent job improving the default 747. There is still a long road ahead. It saddens me to see that Salty’s team and community is not as big as FBW or WT. We need more developers and community support for Salty’s team.

Perhaps they should collaborate with FBW’s developers and convince them to improve 747 as well.

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yes i totally agree, it seems that the project progresses but in very slow pace.

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but its better to be in a slow pace progress than in no pace progress

Hi, is the DIR TO option missing?
Also I noticed problems with STAR at EHAM,LIMJ,LSGG, EPWA, LFPO so far. You can choose star or approach - not both.
Any solutions?

Are there any good resources for the mod or even a decent checklist? Most of the YouTube offerings don’t cover the level of detail I’m after and also I want to understand some of the functionality (like why does it often start to nosedive when trying to intercept the localiser with the autothrottle still armed?). I need new trousers after this afternoon’s approach - and go around - at EGKK!

I think Jaydee has on a checklist. I like his checklists.

Thanks, but no joy. I did have a look for a 747 checklist on, but nothing I could find (I use the JD King AIr 350i checklist - really excellent).

I watching the Sim Pilot Youtube tutorials again. Also most of the focus is on FMC planning and start up. I want to know more about managing the autopilot and autothrust on approach. I’m doing something wrong, but not sure what!

Like this?

Perfect, thank you. Not sure why my searches on didn’t pull it up.

what is the latest version of the salty mod?

It can be a bit confusing. Best thing to do is go to the Salty Discord server. On the #faqs channel there is a link to the latest ‘dev’ version. I believe that is always the most up to date.

They announced yesterday that the mod has ‘forked’ from the Asobo 747. So it is now an entirely different aircraft rather than a mod to an aircraft - just like the FBW A320. This is good news for stability and development, but does mean the liveries for the Asobo 747 will no longer work (but can easily be modified to be Salty compatible).

They also announced that a major new stable version will be released in a few days. I don’t think this adds anything the dev version has but just locks in those improvements

I finally managed to get VNAV to work in it. The key step is to put in an arrival procedure and runway into the FMS. It won’t work without it (just like the WT CJ4 VNAV).


awesome, could you share a link for there discord channel!

I think that should do it.


Thank you very much!

For those that do not participate in Discord, could someone please outline here the procedure to convert the Asobo B747 liveries to the Salty standalone?

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Thanks Alpine, exactly what I was looking for. Very simple process, congrats to the Salty team for their continued excellent work.

I believe all you have to do I change ‘Asobo’ to ‘Salty’ in the config files. So simple even I might give it a go.

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Yep, literally takes 30 sec per livery. Would be a shame if all the livery creators see fit to reupload all their liveries given this is a simple fix for most users. Takes less time to fix one than redownload, extract, place in community folder, etc.