Boeing 787 stiff nose wheel

Same here, still unable to taxi, it tends to move only at 60% thrust, and turn is extremely complicated

I’ve decided the workaround for this bug is to turn on the Take-off Auto-Rudder in the assistance section. This way you can turn virtually as much as you want with minimal thrust.

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I’ve found that I can steer the 787 better around sharper corners with less rudder applied for some reason. It steers OK up to about half rudder, then gets less effective the more rudder is applied. Adding more rudder results in the plane going straight on rather than turning, which is the opposite of what should happen. It should not be skidding as speed is lower than 10 knots groundspeed. What I’d really like is the ability to have a separate access for the steering tiller that I could assign to my joystick twist grip and leave the rudders and brakes to my pedals…


I’ve noticed my rudder pedals seem to lock the brake pedals in place when I use them to come to a full stop but a slight tap releases them.

I have the same problem , I use TCA

Same for me, not enough response from the nose wheel steering.

I have just invested in Thrustmaster TFRP T.Flight Rudder Pedals, which have absolutely solved this issue. Now that I use rudder pedals, the Boeing 787 steers perfectly on the ground along with all the other planes; I usually taxi with 30% throttle.

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Nose wheel steering is not add in the controls setting menu. It name “Tiller” By the Airbus aerosoft the tiller is assigned to throtle3( only the nose wheel move) By MSFS,INOP

Well the issue is still here. also sometimes, when you try to steer… the airplane will not even go forward… until you do full power… then the wheel will first shoot straight again and then drive.

This also happen on empty weight. The frontweel always turns, but the airplane refuse to turn.

This is a basic thing, I wonder why they dont fix it.


Yes it is and makes me go crazy on taxiing. Sometimes the nosewheel is jumping around on the ground and always oversteers.


These are simple tasks I would think. There should be a separate steering option for the pedals once you are the ground.


This drives me crazy. Its Februar and the s… steering wheel isnt fixed for the 787. I cant believe what it would take to fix it. Unbelievable … did I miss something? Is there a good trick to use it?

Yes there is, my problem was solved when I bought the Thrustmaster TFRP T.Flight Rudder pedals. If you’re willing to make the investment then these greatly improve the 787s steering capabilities. Plus, who wouldn’t want rudder pedals anyway?

I have the rudder pedals and still have issues with the 787 turning.

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they need to fix it or allow others to fix it nothing will be done unless you vote on it and make it an issue

They charged almost twice for premium version allow others to fix 787 if they don’t want to /are not capable fix it themselves !!!
Please help and vote this topic UP

over 2000 views to this topic only 433 votes to get it fixed c’mon people vote it up, there are groups who are ready and willing to make it work just look what they did to A320 !!! dont reply to me here go and cast your vote… i was pointed to the topic but the way this forum is designed i would never be able to find it myself. Most convoluted forum i have ever seen, but now that you can see it go and vote ! Please !


Thanks, Voted!

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voted too !

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Pump the rudder like pumping brakes on a car. Full rudder, then back off a bit (no need to center), full rudder, back off, … Do this quickly and you should turn. I am able to do a 360… takes a bit of effort though.

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GREAT 200+ votes in one month not bad, could be more, but still moving up!

For some who do not understand there are many who DO NOT… believe it or not :roll_eyes: !!

This is not to allow Premium AC to be used in Basic version of MSFS, this is to allow modding and (making better) the premium aircraft for those who purchased the Premium MSFS !!!

Just like what the great people of FlyByWire did to A320… imagine 787 being brought to this level of realism !!! and there are people who are ready and willing to do !!! Instead you pay premium price for subpar aircraft geez…

Yes I am pretty upset i paid double for it… :roll_eyes:

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