Boeing Field KBFI add-on

I haven’t seen any add-ons for KBFI. Hoping someone has something in the works for it. Pretty popular airport in Seattle.


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Not that I know, but Drzewiecki Design is making Renton KRNT, so… almost? ^_^;;

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Thanks for sharing his Insta! In a comment it sounds like there may be a KBFI on the way… hope so!

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Will probably add this. I fly out of BFI IRL so hoping something comes out for it eventually.

Just drove past BFI on Airport Way. We really need a high quality add-on!

Drzewiecki Design will probably bring it over. Not sure when.

Check their Instagram, they posted a lot of pictures of it. I’d say it’s safe to say they’re bringing it over.

Would love to see scenery for KBFI. I did my initial flight training there. Great airport.

Hi there,
Here you go: