Bonanza and Baron and G1000

Today I went to fly the Bonanza and the Baron, however, the G1000 in both is not working (black screen on the MFD and PFD).
The G1000 does function on the Cessna 172, go figure.
I removed the G1000 mod and still no screens on the G58 or G36.
Checked cockpit lighting to ensure it was turned up and also on the unit itself. Avionics switches were on and engines running.
No new additions to Community.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, many thanks

If your community folder is empty, then restarting the flight should correct the black screens. If you’re using the Working Title G1000 mod, make sure you have the latest version.

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Thanks for the suggestion Tom

Found my issue with thye G100 not working.
I had installed a mod for the GNS750 foir both the Bonanza and Baron.
Removed these and working fine.

The GNT750 mod did not work because you probably either dropped the GNT folder straight into the community folder or you dropped plane-specific folders for baron and bonanza without the base folder. Either way, it generates black G1000 screens. You have to open the GTN folder first, take out plane-specific subfolders, drop the base GTN (all without the plane-specific folders), and then the plane-specific ones for each plane you want to have GTN on (you place them in the community folder separately from the base folder). So in the end, you will end up with one GTN base folder and various folders for each plane in your community.

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Thankyou for the advice. You hit the nail on the head, I did not drop the base folder into community only the plane specific folders.

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