Bought Deluxe Premium and only have standard from Steam

Title says it all. I bought the top version, Premium deluxe or whatever it is called and I dont have all the planes available. Even after several restarts over the last week I dont get updates to give me my planes!!! Is there a way to force the download of what I paid for??

Go to your content manager in game. Your content should be available for download from there.

First check that steam has actually sold you the premium deluxe version. This will be in your steam purchase history, and show as Microsoft Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe Bundle. (I know this sounds obvious, but I have seen some strange things happen before). IF your purchase history does not show up as premium, and the price is also the same as the standard version… check your bank/credit card/palpal, and resolve the issue with Steam. Very unusual for steam to make a mistake, but it is possible.

Next restart the Steam Client including signing out, restart, and then sign on again.(most of us had to do this during the launch, in order for steam/MSFS to register the purchase with each other). I would have thought this issue was fixed back then by Steam/MSFS, but maybe you are a bit unlucky.

Next, make sure the Steam Overlay is ON and enabled for MSFS. I have had issues with purchasing, when the overlay is turned off. And I would suspect that if it is off, it may also have trouble detecting what you have purchased too.

Next start MSFS, and go to marketplace. Check the premium “packs” are marked as owned, and downloaded.

Next try what @Crunchmeister71 wrote above.

If it still does not work, raise a ticket with either steam, or zendesk.

Also one more thing. did you previously play the game via Xbox Game Pass? Or installed the microsoft store version, beta, or alpha versions, before purchasing on steam? If so, you WILL need to completely uninstall the old Store/Beta/Aplha versions from yoru drive, and re-install via steam, otherwise it wont work properly.

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No previous installs. Just bought it off steam a week ago. $120+ package. No 787 or other super deluxe aircraft visible in menu.

Have you tried Crunchmeister71’s tip?
More info here.

Here’s my story, maybe can be of some help to you: my wife bought the PD version with her email/account, then I redeemed it with my email/account. After the installation I only got the standard version, it took quite a few calls to the customer support before I figured out the installation account had to be the same as the purchase account, so I switched to her account, it worked perfectly fine, 30 aircraft all sitting in the hanger… now I’m stuck with her account forever…

At work now, try it later tonight.

This happens if you are not signed in with the same MS account you purchased it from.

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