Bought FSFlying School. Not impressed at all. Am I doing it wrong?

I bought FSFlying School based on reading good reviews on it. I tried it on a 747 flight from SFO to LAX and was not impressed. I don’t feel that it really gave me any useful instructions. Just a lot of questions and odd commentary. Very few specific details in terms of speed, altitude, etc. Am I using it incorrectly? Right now I want a refund.

Thanks in advance.

Ask your supplier for a refund; what is the oldest version of any flightsimulator prog used?

I know what you mean about the reviews.

I bought the version for P3D in 2013 - didn’t stay on my PC long and didn’t buy any future versions. Luckily, I paid sale price. I was using it on execs.

I tried the demo of this an hated it not user friendly at all.

Recently been using the FS Academy IFR and VFR training add-on much more user friendly.

FSFlyingSchool have a good demo (Download FSFlyingSchool for Microsoft Flight Simulator Demo), active only in Green Bay area. I recommend to try it first. IMO FSFlyigSchool is not basic training, it is about honing skills. Like if you have PPL already and take instructor with you. It is not very user friendly, you should learn to use it. FS Academy first, then FSFlyingSchool. It is good product but not for everyone.

Do it have voice commands like in X-Plane?


FSAcademy is very good but it’s different. It’s more like missions that teach you things, like in FSX.

AFAICS FSFlyingSchool monitors what you are doing and offers suggestions, scores, accuracy all that sort of thing. It’s not really a training item in itself, it’s more like something that hones your skills.

This might sound mad, but one good source of training is the old FSX and FS2004, which you can get cheaply. The graphics don’t compare with MSFS - it’s 15 years older (!) - but it’s perfectly okay - and it does have some good tutorial missions and the “Rod Machado” lessons which are a more detailed and in depth version of MSFSs. Much of what you learn on both will translate pretty well to MSFS.