Boy What A Glitchy Week. Let's Recap What We're Dealing With in a Single Thread for the Sake of Simpilicity

As far as I can tell, there are a handful of glitches that are plaguing us since the latest UK update. Let’s recap here so it’s easy for the right people to see the list without having to scour the forums.

  1. Taxiway lighting glitch- Asobo is aware.
  2. Flap/Lift issues- Asobo gave us a workaround 'till a fix comes along.
  3. Glowing/artifacts when cloudy. (Not sure if Asobo knows yet)
  4. Screen tearing without Vsync- that’s new. (discussed in forums but not sure if Asobo knows).
  5. Terrain tearing/gashes (not sure if enough people posted on this in one place or not).

Is there anything else that we should include here? Keep in mind I want this to be helpful, not a bashing fest.

Isn’t there a million threads on this already? I’m sure Asabo is aware of the issues you simply need to play the game once to see them. (or scroll through the forum) I’d rather hear from them, and what’s the deal…

Stop with these threads guys — we all know what the bugs are.


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