Bradford to Blackpool VFR rules

Live weather.
Took off from Egnm.
Scenery rapidly disappears.
I’m in the cloud layer at 700 ft.
Manual flying.
Ignoring atc.
Using vfr map.
Heading west.
Nothing to see around me.
Only watching my speed, trim and altitude.
Rain lashing on the screen.
55 minutes later I still can’t see fook all.
But I know that I am very near Blackpool.
Suddenly I see the runway lights.
I am there.
I landed at 55 knots, flaps extended and gear down.
That was my first ever low altitude (blind flight).
Proper pleased with myself.

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Pics or it didn’t happen!

As I’m playing at Fairhaven on Sunday could you check the flag position on the 17th hole for me please? Ta.


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I did not take any pics.
There was nothing to see.
Do we have to take pics in order to prove what we achieved?
I swear down that I did it.
I can’t even believe it myself.
I landed myself and my pretend passenger safely.
The runway at Blackpool was soaking wet.
Lots of spray.
Then I started messing about.
Took off again then landed in the Irish sea.
That is where I noticed a lovely looking rough sea, but my plane was not riding the waves. Good job really
Cause green water was running over the screen and hitting the rear prop :joy::joy:
You can’t beat em all I guess.
But I did enjoy that short flight

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