Brake issue after releasing brakes

No matter what aircraft i use when i apply then release the brakes the brakes stay on and i have to release them. I have the Saikek pro flight yoke and rudders. I have tryed calibrating from windows, have tryed adjusting them in MSFS. I can visually see the pedals release the slightest bit when i release the park brake.

Hi DWB1941,

If it’s the same on all aircraft, then it will be a controller config issue.

Assuming you’re talking about the left and right wheel brakes … make sure that you have the pedal ‘axes’ assigned to the brakes; it’s possible to assign axes as if they’re buttons.

Check that you don’t have other buttons or controllers assigned to the brakes as well, the MSFS controller setup is very versatile when you get used to it, but it’s very easy to set up several buttons/keys/controls to the same action if you’re not careful … guess how I learned that :slight_smile:

The other thing to check on a similar note is that you’re controlling the wheel brakes and don’t have the parking brake assigned instead. The parking brake is of course an on/off toggle.

I have a very old version of the Saitek Pro Pedals and although worn, loose and imprecise, they do work as they’re supposed to. No problems. Hope this might help you get your problems sorted out!

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It’s probably this, rather than an assigned axis.