Braking / Stopping the standard Savage Cub

Problem: Stopping the plane after landing, without tipping over, or using an insanely long stretch.

I have been flying for a little month now, and mostly land without bigger problems, I still consider myself a newbie. I have finished the Balkan bush run, and I’m two thirds in the Nevada one.

When applying the brake (I use a thrustmaster filght x-stick), it is binary - on/off. If I hold for more than half a second, the plane tips over, even at fairly low speed. I try to trigger with a rythm, it sort of works, but is tedious, and still I use a long stretch slowing to a halt.

Is there a better way to slow down the speed when taxiing/after landing?

I am not sure if this is the correct forum area, please advice me to a better place if there is.

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I pull back all the way on the stick while braking the Cub. Seems to work to stop tipping.


Thank you! I’ll try that. At the moment I am in real bush area where I’m landing on grass, here I have no problem stopping…

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Hi there,
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Exactly so, elevator in full up position helps keep the tail wheel on the ground. The Zlin only weight about 1000 pounds and it likes to tip forward. Surprised there isn’t a little nose skid to keep the prop outta the dirt! (LOL!).


Stick back (especially in time) is a good idea :+1:


I thank you very much for the answers I got. I tried it out, tested outside of the bush trip, and managed to control the landing very well, so I guess it is the solution.

But when I went back to the bush trip, and tried it - i fell on my nose again… I was able to greatly reduce the speed with pulling back the stick, but when applying the brake hard while pulling, It fell over, even though I had low speed… (about 20 km/h) Wondering if the configuration of the plane is different in the bush trip from when flying on my own…

Anyway, thanks.

The plane config is the same, the only difference can be in fuel quantity.
But in bushtrips you have no take off/landing assistance.
You have to disable it for your training flights to meet the same conditions.
It’s also possible your landing speed is too high, land at the limit of stall, ideally the plane should stall at the moment the wheels are touching the ground.
Retract the flaps and pull the stick immediatly, and brake.
Depending on your devices, you can also bind the brakes to an anolog input (as throttle) wich gives you a progressive control. But it should work with button.
Train on a grass strip also make it easier to begin.


Thank you for your reply. I am on the last three airports on the Nevada bush trip, so I have been able to handle the plane, I’ll check if I have any assistance helping me in the other tests. Didn’t know there was such an assistance that helps you not to tip over after you have landed…
The fuel wasn’t very different, and as I mentioned, the speed was below 20 km/h after a successful landing, when I tried the pull back/brake trick.
I don’t believe this stick (Thrustmaster Flight Stick X) has any analog buttons apart from the trottle and the stick itself, I hoped the trigger had (as on the xbox controller), but I guess not.
I do have a Surface Dial, but I can’t get it working in the game, even if I turn on bluetooth the game halts for about 20 seconds every now and then, very annoying…
I have no problems on grass, and also I don’t really have a prolbem on asphalt or cement anymore, I just wanted to quickly stop, so I could take off without taxiing…
Edit: One difference might be that the airport in question might be in a slight slope, that could possibly explain the difference.
Edit2: Happens on every hard surface airport in the bush trip. No assist on landing in the other scenario. This last time, I hit the brake as the plane was virtually stopped, still tipped over, but luckily got “Landed” screen before it hit the ground…

Good question. With a tail dragger when landing or taxiing faster than say a jogging speed, it is important to keep the control stick pulled back. This will tend to keep the tail on the ground. If taxiing slowly, do the same, especially with a head wind, and pump the brakes. Upon touchdown it is best to let the speed drag off a bit before applying brakes, and upon applying brakes pull rearward on that stick to keep the tail down.

And set the flaps to zero. You want to make the plane as heavy as possible and the flaps are only adding lift, even at slow speeds…

I thank for all help and comments.


  • Stopping these planes is not very hard, pull back stick, apply brake. Also, the flaps should be up.
  • This technique does not work in the Nevada bush trip, something is different in the bush trip. Still pulling back the stick helps slowing down faster, but you need to pump the brake.
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I can only brake so much even with stick pulled back. Weird for a bush plane.

I’ve noticed a similar issue in the same bush trip, and posted about it here:

For what it’s worth, I run full realism for my regular flights, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

You should file a bug report if you haven’t.

Ok. Done.

Request ID #100056


The Zlin Aviation Savage Cub in the sim is unusually prone to tipping… even if one pulses the breaks they stick at some point… just hold full rear stick until the aircraft halts. when you come back for the next leg back-taxi previous to takeoff… make sure to check your trim and flaps before takeoff.

I noticed Kitfox-STI also flips over forward. When you’re ready to take off, don’t give it any throttle before you release the handbreak, it will put its propellor into the runway ! Similar, of you land with it, make sure the rollout is smooth and flaps are up. You can’t force breaks. The advice given here I agree: use the elevator to keep your tail on the ground. Also while landing. Best landing is always all three wheels at the same time, but when you can’t do that, put the nose up, land on the tail wheel (be gentle !!) and let the nose come down. Then break with a pulsing action. Take your space, watch your airspeed. Don’t try to force a tail dragger into a sudden curve, to clear the runway, you’ll crash a wing… And NEVER use the handbreak with Kitfox or Savage cub before you have switched off the engine !

Interesting that people still comment on this post - lots of good tips for how to stop these planes, but there actually is a very annoying bug in the bush trips, takes a bit of the fun out of them, since on some airstrips it becomes very hard not to crash. Now I’m once in a while doing the Patagonia trip, but it’s not very fun when you have played a lot with the XCub to experience this bug.

You can easily try it out on the runway, just speed up to about 30 knots, try to stop, inside the bush trip, and outside - all conditions set similarly. No need to fly to test it.

I think people will comment until this is finally fixed :slight_smile: