Bravo Asobo!

Yesterday I completed a flight from Bordeaux to Bergamo flying over french alps and I was completely blown away. Flying at high altitude over beatiful mountain peaks to descent down over Milan through scattered clouds with rays of sun shining through was nothing less then epic. And we have the whole world at our disposal. Made me feel so so small. This is truly nextgen gaming and a masterpiece in making. Hats off to you devs. Bravo!


Cool yeah I did a flight from Shanghai zsss to KSFO San Francisco yesterday flawless with the 787. Landed everything went well.


It ceartinly has issues but hey, name me a game that was released perfect this millenia. I absoletely love it and cant wait what they’re gonna bring next further down the road

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I flew from La Guardia New York to the Statue of Liberty. Never did that before…

Made me want to hop on a real flight and go there.

Then flying in the valley of central california to ksfo, reminded me of all the crazy times i drove through there visiting.