Bravo engine starters for a320 FBW

I can usually figure things out by searching, but in trying to setup the FBW A320, I’m stuck. I want to use the first two switch buttons for the engine 1 & 2 starters. I can attempt to bind them but nothing moves on the pedestal in the cockpit . Other than that, the Bravo has been great. Any thoughts?

Can we translate this graphic to English so we can see what those are?

To be fair, communicating in any other language but English is prohibited. That applies to an image when you are trying to communicate something I guess :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding, but you can translate the image too :smiley:

What I was asking was can YOU change the language to English in your settings and re-post so we can see what they are. Yes, I could go in and hunt for each individual settings in German, but it would take a few moments for you to post a pic in English. Thanks.

Wow. No help here.

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… unbelievable !

I accidently locked this topic believing it was in #aircraft . Topic unlocked.

@TIMBRES1959 It may be worth asking for help on the FBW Community Discord server as the users there may be better placed to answer your question.