Bravo quadrant and reverse thrust

Hi all I’m wondering if someone can help
I’ve just done a reinstall of windows and msfs
I’m trying to get my bravo quadrant mapped
Previously before reinstall I had no issues at all but now I just can’t get throttles to work like before

So I’ve mapped 1 axis to spoilers. 2axis to throttle 1 3 axis to throttle 2 and the 4th to flaps
Spoilers and flap are perfect but both throttles go into reverse thrust with levers all the way back where as before they didn’t and I had to active the reverses
For example on the A320 throttle you have toga, flex, climb thrust, idle, snd below that is reverse idle
So when I pull my bravo throttle back and only back till it stops and no further it makes the A320 go into reverse thrust
Before it wasn’t like that when pulled throttle back the A320 when to idle

I’ve tried playing around with control settings I’ve tried to re map the axis again and I’ve tried 4 different profiles but still don’t work. Strange thing I found was after I did fresh instal of msfs my control settings where still there. Should that be the case.? Previously I had a crj profile and 2 engine profile
When I tried them the crj had the problem above inwhich never was there befor and 2 engine profile the throttles did not ove at all on comand so somthing is definitely not right.

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The CRJ must be throttles must be calibrated in the flypad.
If you are using the FBW A320, same applies

Thanks for reply but I’ve tried that still goes into reverse thrust with levers fully back

For the FBW, the option to change that is at the top of the calibration page.
“Reverser on Axis”

Give me a few minutes to get into the CRJ and I’ll get back to you on that.

In the CRJ flypad, go to options, at the bottom go to next page, in there select calibrate throttle. On the pop-up, find “Reverser Axis” move the selector button to say “Throttle hardware has no reverser axis”

Reinstall the Bravo drivers, delete the AFC_Bridge from your Community Folder before you do. That might do it.

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Cheers for help. I’ll try again tomorrow and let you know if I’ve sorted it