Bravo Throttle 1 degree Heading and 1000' Altitude fix question

So now that this “bug” has been fixed, how can we get both, 1 deg. and 10 deg. heading change as well as both 100’ and 1000’ Altitude. I read that there was some kind of “acceleration” whereas a fast turn of the DECR/INCR knob would kick in some kind built in acceleration and I actually saw one guy on YouTube demonstrate this but when I asked him about it he said it was hit and miss or “finicky”. Well no matter how fast I spin that knob it’s still on the 1 degree and 100’ increments/decrements. It takes way too long to spin that heading bug from 0 to 180 or whatever.

I’d rather have the larger stepping but why can’t we have both? I can’t find any bindings to differentiate between large and small steps.

As it is I’m back to using the mouse and giving up the realism and functionality of the Bravo.

Well, the acceleration does work, but not very well.
It appears that many + or - events are discarded, more so when the CPU has a hard time keeping up with everything else. At least that’s the impression I get on my system. I have found that if I turn the knob at a moderate speed for more than a second or so, the acceleration kicks in.

I agree that switching between the two modes manually would be a far better solution. As you say, there is no binding for that in the GUI, but from what I’ve heard, it’s available through FSUIPC7 and other add-ons capable of accessing the inner workings of the sim.