Bravo throttle LED lights

Hi everybody non working lights for me. I download the last file from areosoft 2.1 but nothing. Working only sometimes launching the bridge exe file from inside fs2020 what i’m wrong?

You did power the aircraft right? There is nothing to run manually, it should just enable the LED lights.

Yes obviusly. No lights. If i launch before the bridge it works

It sounds as if your issue is that the bridge is not launched by MSFS automatically?
If so, you probably didn’t install it correctly in the Community folder.

I won’t have access to my flying rig before Saturday, but if you post what your file structure for the package currently is, I’m sure somebody else will tell you if it’s correct.

Thanks for suggestion. I will try

Nothing. Inside the file xml the root of the file is correct pointing to comunity folder

can you post a pic of the file?


The file isn’t correct. I posted a link a couple posts up where you’ll see what it should be.

I erase completely the content and past the one from your post modifing the path to match with mine.
nothing at all.