Bravo throttle prop levers - how to feather twin props?

My Bravo Throttle prop lever detents are assigned to “toggle prop 1 feather switch” and
toggle prop 2 feather switch"; but the animated prop levers will not go into the feather detent despite the Bravo prop levers going into the detent region. I have to use the mouse to move the PA-44’s prop levers past zero RPM and into the detent to feather the props.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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I don’t own a Bravo, so I can’t comment. However, the presence of a similar bug report tells me you might not be able to.

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Thanks. It appears I’m not alone about that…

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Feel free to vote up that bug report, if you haven’t already.

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Is there any new information on this? I notice the same thing in the Seneca.

This issue persists. The feathering commands are present in the control configurer, but none of them work when assigned to a button or detent. I hope Asobo gets around to fixing this soon.

This is not yet supported in the sim. It maybe will come in simupdate 6 or 7.

Nice. I have tried to solve this problem two days, until I understood to check this forum. Well, have to wait update 6 or 7. In my mind, this is quite a big issue when using different accessories…

I made this work in SPAD.neXt by repeat sending the PROP DECREASE events which would then move it back into the Feathered position…

Not sure if normal sim bindings have that command but I would assume since keyboard bindings would have used this in the past…