Bravo Throttle Quadrant Trim Wheel Fix Needed


I am having an issue with my Bravo Throttle Quadrant trim wheel. I can trim the wheel nose up in the sim; however, trim nose down is not recognized. I have attempted to calibrate in the windows settings to no avail. The trim nose down is not even recognized in the programming screen. Sometimes, when programming controls in the sim, it will briefly recognize the trim down motion on the wheel if I spin the wheel several times, albeit only very briefly. Has anyone had this issue? Do you know of any potential fixes, updates, patches, resets, etc. that I can attempt before chalking it up as a defective product and sending back to honeycomb? Thank you sincerely.

A bit late to this discussion, but I’m having a similar issue. My trim wheel works in both directions, but is about twice as fast trimming nose up compared to trimming nose down. Were you ever able to resolve your issue, or did it end up being a hardware/warranty issue?