Bravo Throttle Quadrant Unboxing (Reviews start Nov 1st)


Geez… I can’t wait to receive the notification that mine has been shipped…

Ditto. I have my CH Yoke withe the aleron and elevator controlles next to my Alpha to use it as a throttle while I await my Bravo.

Nice… I have my old Saitek pro joystick as rudder, flaps, trim, brakes and throttle… it works but nothing compared to this control.

As soon as the Bravo gets here Ill put the CH back together, test it out, and put it on eBay.

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Wondering if things like the landing gear lights and annunciators will work out of the box.


In one video the owner claimed it will ship fully working with MSFS. But I’m assuming a plugin will be needed asimilar to the Logitech panels.

I’m also betting we will see the persistent switch bug as that is Asobo’s problem.

All - Has anyone received shipping information/notification? I have had one on order for well September 2, 2020. Think going to have to redesign my whole office setup. In one unboxing video, the fellow at the top uses benches from Lowes I think. Anyone need an oak desk setup? On this one only one place to mount the throttle Quadrant and when available the yoke too, then no room for the monitor/PC/Keyboard, etc. I would have to take of the shelving unit, and then where to put that, oh what a predicament. UPDATE-Status Unfilled - No shipping data yet. Well into Nov before I get it assumed. Anyone know when the yokes are going to be available for order?

In the recent dev stream Asobo said that the Bravo will be supported in a future update. #6 I think.

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Well… there is a video of the Honeycomb guy showcasing the Bravo on a landing challenge in MSFS. Not sure if all the buttons/functions are being mapped/used but it looks like, in the video, the throttle and other things work out of the box.

We can only hope and see if that’s true… I’ll search for the video link and post it here


Placed my order on Sept 1. Have not received any shipping notification yet. Hopefully soon.

Same here… mine was on Aug 18th

Well the revewers are getting them one poster hear said he has shipping info. Hopefully soon. Thank you for info.

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How did you preorder in August. Pre orders didn’t open until September 1st.

Via… put my order along with the Alpha on their store. They stopped accepting orders (preorders) shortly after, I guess due to demand. I guess it would be one of the first fulfilled by the store once Honeycomb starts to distribute them to the retailers… sorry… wrong date… August 20th

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Some resellers started taking pre-orders for the Bravo well before the factory pre-order was announced. I’ve had a pre-order since April 2020 from Flight Velocity. However I got a factory pre-order so ill cancel my Flight Velocity pre-order once I have my Bravo direct from Honeycomb.


Honeycomb Bravo Demonstration GA Aircraft.

I could finally get a Bravo Throttle today. Now since it is out in the wild since while, what do you guys think? Is it still worth it or are there some issues quality-wise? Would you still buy it again?

The hardware is solid. That has never been an issue. Any issues where on the MSFS side.

The big one early on was the “Heading/Always On Bug” and that was 100% a MSFS issue and has been resolved for a while now.

After the above bug was fixed there where (maybe are?) issues with the default configuration that needed tweaking.

But I had moved over to a more advanced 3rd party configuration utility before the heading bug got fixed.

I personally use SPAD.neXt for my configurations.

Axis and Ohs, Mobiflight, and FSUIPC are also popular.

One big thing I like to doing my configs with an external app is that it will auto switch between aircraft. I can also create more advanced configurations than possible through MSFS alone.

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Hey @ANCRM114

Thanks for your response, meanwhile i already took one home and tried it out yesterday. So far so good, quality is definitely okey and it was easy to setup. I like the friction of the levers.

What i dont like is its huge size, and the very loose trim wheel, its just a bit too loose. But otherwise, im sure i will have lots of fun with it.

I also use Spad.Next since years, it is absolutely necessary if one wants to use advanced configs for different planes, im familiar with it and will do my setups all in there for my most used planes, i dont even bother with the default MSFS keybinds.

Thank you for the response! :slight_smile: