Bravo Throttle Quadrant waiting times?

Honeycomb Aeronautical have been taking orders for some time. I see some have received theirs that ordered much later than me. I ordered mine 21 Aug 2020 some 25 weeks ago and still no sign. Are there others out there with such long waiting times or have they forgotten to send mine?

Where did you order yours? I just got mine last night from x-plane store, ordered it last week. If you ordered it somewhere that had a wait list or pre-order you might be waiting a while. I was tipped off about them being in stock here on the forum when i got mine. It sold out in 30 minutes. It’s a very impressive setup. Takes a while to configure for all the different setups but it’s definitely a game changer.

Oh… Then I guess I’ll just have to cancel my order. It was the Amazon store HERE

Cancel that and order direct from Honeycomb if you can.

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They have never been in stock for me. I guess I may have to just give up on it for now. I have full VIRPIL hotas and VR Insight panels etc so I have enough control options, I just thought the Quadrant would be very handy in VR.

If I happen across one I’ll try and get one, but I can pretend I’m not a little disappointed :confused:

Discussion on throttles, joysticks/yokes, Xbox controllers, etc. goes in the Peripherals section. I have moved your post there.

OK, thank you.

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