Bravo w/CJ4 -Which Throttles?

Is there any reason not to use the GA throttles with the CJ4 in positions 3 and 4, rather than the commercial throttles? I use the commercial throttles for the A320, but since the CJ4 has no reversers, is there any downside to not using the commercial throttles. The GA throttles’ TOGA button works fine in position 3 for a two-engine CJ4.


I have my Bravo Throttles set with the commercial set up for my CJ4. With the commercial setup, my CJ4 reversers thrusters would not work either, but a few days later, to my surprise, they started working. I went outside to make sure that what I heard was real. Now they have stopped again and have tried everything I know to get them working. The reason for this post is I wanted to ask if anyone had an answer on how to get the reverse thrusters working again.



The CJ4 does not have thrust reversers.

Sounds funny, but when I first used the CJ4 an update or two ago, I found myself taxiing backwards. So they certainly worked at one point, probably since disabled. But without them, I’d rather use the GA throttles without all the hardware on the Commercial throttles. TOGA button still works.

Yeah they nerfed the thrust reversers in one of the updates as with the spoilers in the Cessna 208 Caravan, those were bugs.

The only jets I fly are the A320neo (FBW) and the CJ4 (WT). I use the GA levers in pos 3 and 4.

The toga button is also in a better place. Does anyone use axis and ohs to map the autopilot functions to the bravo?

I use the commercial throttles for all jets, even the single-engine MB-339A, as I also get the spoiler/speed-brake on the first lever that way. :slight_smile:

I use the GA levers on positions 3 and 4; and speed brake and flap activator in the usual “jet” positions.

I sent a ticket in on this issue, and I was right for a while the CJ4 did have reverse thrusters. I coped and paste the reply I got from Microsoft.
Support (Microsoft Flight Simulator)
Jan 28, 2021, 10:28 GMT+1
Thank you for contacting us.
The Cessna Citation CJ4 does not have reverse thrust in real life. It only goes to idle. This is now also implemented in the simulator. The previous aircraft profile was incorrect and in the latest update it was corrected.
Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any other issues. Have a great day!
Kind Regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team