Breaking the sound barrier?

Since MSFS introduced the new Jets like the “Eurofighter”, I was wondering, when/if they will add the sonic booms to this sim. Especially from “outside View” I imagine the visuals and SOUND to be awesome! This feature would be a dream coming true… can anyone relate?

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If you watch and read the latest Dev Blog they specifically addressed supersonic flight. No specific release date, but from the sounds of it (no pun intended), it may be in the not too far future.

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The currently available supersonic aircraft are nothing to do with MS or Asobo.

It should also be noted the Eurofighter employs a work around to going “Mach 2” and is not truly operating at this speed as the Sim simply currently does not support supersonic flight. To answer your question, though, I do presume a nice sonic boom will be added with the release of supersonic flight :wink:


I don’t believe you hear the boom when you’re in the plane, since it’s caused by a shock wave traveling with the plane. You’d still need a fixed viewpoint on the ground to hear that.


You can not even see it most of the time either.

What people expect is a condensation cone, like they see in YouTube videos of fighter jets at low level. But this only happens under certain atmospheric conditions and up high you barely see anything, but a very fine line where the shockwave disturbs the air on the fuselage.

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True that the pilot or passengers of a supersonic aircraft won’t experience a boom, but anyone the shock cone passes will, regardless of where they are or whether they’re moving or stationary.

Presumably it’s possible for a similar aircraft to fly right on the edge of the other’s shock cone. Can’t imagine that’s very comfortable. Do fighters in formation have to make sure they don’t affect each other in this way, by flying line-abreast for example?

I was under the impression that the visible vapour cone forms at transonic speeds (under specific conditions as you say), so doesn’t even indicate that the aircraft is flying faster than sound.

Next on the wishlist is breaking all windows of buildings you pass and activate a bunch of car and burgler alarms?? :sweat_smile:

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