Bredok3D 737-MAX - Crash to desktop

I´ve bought the 737 Max today for xbox and I have much more CTDs compared to other planes. This plane is unplayable for me. Usually MSFS crahes to desktop nearly every time when the airport is loaded. Is this a known issue for this plane or has it something to do with SU7.
I know that the Airbus 320 sometimes causes CTDs too but the 737 is much worse…20€ for nothing.

Have you had any solutions to this? Just bought it, same problem very annoying

No…no solution.

The CTD issue with the Boeing 737 Max is a new issue since SU7 was released. It never crashed for me before the update but it now does all of the time since. I think it may have something to do with the HUD on the aircraft since the one or two times I have had it work, the HUD is no longer functional. I hope that Bredok3D will fix the problem soon. I am hoping that with the Thanksgiving holiday past that they might put out an update sometime this week, but until they fix it there is not much that you can do. In my opinion, Microsoft should pause selling it on the Marketplace until it is fixed though since you can’t use the aircraft the way that it is.

I am just curious if anyone has found a fix for the Boeing 737 Max causing MSFS to freeze and crash or if anyone has heard anything from Bredok3D about when they are going to release a patch to fix it since it stopped working after the latest sim update. I tried emailing them for support like it says to do on their website but I have not received a response. I was wondering if anyone else has heard anything about a fix for this aircraft?

Can anyone get this to follow the magenta line and navigate in autopilot?

Just a heads up in case you didn’t know, this aircraft is a pile of garbage and you have to pray the dev will fix it. However it’s not a reputable dev. The max is low quality and unlikely it will work properly again even if patched, if was a Frankenstein aircraft from the beginning. Read reviews before buying aircraft especially from the marketplace. Most are garbage. Very few are not, the max definitely is and I wouldn’t touch it with anyone else’s money. Just trying to give you realistic expectations in case you didn’t realize what you bought. Good luck.


Bredok3D issued an update over the weekend and the 737Max is working again. Their is a problem with the HUD where the display doesn’t quite line up with the glass on the HUD but it is working, it is just a cosmetic thing that hopefully they will fix in the future. I personally don’t have a problem with the 737Max. While I am not an expert, it looks good, it flies the way I would expect an airliner to fly and provides a midsize airliner other than the A320 for flying routes to some of the smaller airports. While I enjoy the 747 and 787, there are many airports where it doesn’t want you to park at the terminal with them. They really are meant to be used only at the larger international airports. I think Bredok3D would really help themselves by communicating with their customers however, let people know what they are working on for the aircraft and when something isn’t working because of an update to let people know they are working on fixing it. If they did that and accepted community feedback to improve their products the way that the creators of the F-14 and F-15 do, then I really think that there would be a much more positive view of the 737Max and the developer Bredok3D.

Does the aircraft now follow the Magenta line again? It would not Navigate with autopilot after their last hud update a few weeks back…

Jeez, when will people stop giving these absolute charlatans money…


This aircraft now flies almost perfect after the recent update, follows flight plans and can reach 39000 no problem. Screen shots show flight to Salzburg at 39k and .78mach.
The model shape has been corrected too.

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I’m thoroughly enjoying the Bredok3D 737 Max. The plane did have some glitches to begin with, but now it flies awesome. So many liveries. It’s not PMDG, but c’mon its 1/5th the cost. Even under the deluge of hate splattering over the internets, Bredok keeps on patching and improving. I’ll keep flying it, in all the awesome liveries available.


Can you get it to NAV after the update consistently. Something seems to be introduced in the last HUD update they did which fixed the HUD, but now it has trouble from time to time staying on course…

If they could fix that it was a pretty fun plane for the price.

I was flying the 737 Max over the last couple of days and I had no problems with it following the autopilot. The only issue I had was with the autopilot having trouble holding the altitude and porpoising up and down if I set the speed too fast. I have had the same problem with the autopilot on other aircraft as well including the default aircraft so I believe that this is a problem with the coding in the sim itself for the autopilot and that it is not a problem with the Bredok3D 737 Max aircraft.

I have been flying this after the last update and it now flies really well for me.(XBox) It has been fun to fly, I like it better than the default a320.


its a known issue that the HUD is instruments is too big for the HUD right?

All the text is blurry now on the panel across the dash and overhead in spots…. This plane keeps getting worse…

That can be controlled with the panel light knob on the left hand side by the window and down a bit, that works for me anyway.

As MPowerslave said, the fuzziness of the HUD can be cleared up by lowering the brightness of the panel lights. This happens on other aircraft with an HUD display as well, I have to do the same thing with the DCDesigns F-14 Tomcat and a few other aircraft. The fuzzy HUD when it is too bright seems to be caused by the MSFS program itself and it is not something that is necessarily wrong with the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. The HUD being slightly larger than the glass that it is supposed to be projected on is an issue with the aircraft that the developer needs to fix though. As long as it is functioning correctly though and every thing else is working well, I can live with this issue until Bredok3D can release an update to fix it. The HUD display is only slightly larger than the glass for it, it is not like it is way off or anything.

The text is also super low res on most of the text throughout cockpit. Seems to have a mix of blurry and clear in spots, like it was edited with a lower resolution paint program.

Too bad, outside model is not too bad, but we fly from inside…