Brief stutter on touchdown with a 4090 and 5800X3D

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Not always, but pretty often, I get a brief stutter on touchdown (most of the time on more complex airports). It is pretty brief, like half a second, but I find it annoying, still having to suffer these stutters even with my rig. Do I really need to upgrade again from my 5800X3D? (Which was the best CPU for MSFS when it was released). I tried a lot of settings but it seems more related to how the sim is loading objects as soon as we touch the ground.
Moving the camera in some dense areas (for example above JFK from Inibuilds) may give me some major stutters.
I mostly use the PMDG.
Render resolution 100% (tried with 150% to balance the CPU and GPU but doesn’t seem to help)
Frame Generation on
Ultra preset with TLOD 200 (was pretty much the same at 150) and OLOD at 200

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Nvidia 531.79

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RTX 4090 MSI Suprim X 24 GB
Ryzen 7 5800X3D
32 GB 3200 CL16
2 Gb/s fiber

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which aircraft are you flying when this happens?

I’m flying the PMDG

@Darewell Try

Definitely scenery or effects loading in, apart from disabling them I suggest:

Check you have plenty of free space on all of your drives (10-15% minimum)
Keeping your packages off your system drive
Disabling virtual memory on the packages drive
Increasing virtual memory on the system drive to a fixed 20GB
Check that your ram has XMP set
Ensure chipset and mobo drivers are up to date also any firmware for your SSDs

For me it turned out that cars/workers etc. on airports are causing the problem, I set them to 0 just for testing and the stutters were gone. (If we are talking about the stutter on short final)

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I tried all that, I set all the vehicles and stuff at 0, even lowered the TLOD at 120 and just got a ■■■■ stutter just on touchdown…

And it was not a complex scenery.

Need to try the files fix…

What is annoying it’s that doesn’t happen every time, even in more complex airports. It ruins the best moment of the flight. Worse part is seeing more than 100 fps just after touchdown.

Did you try this Freeze/Lags while touchdown - but fps around 50 while approaching - #31 by eduio13 ?

I’am reinstalling the sim now, if I still have this issue, it will be my next move ^^

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Good luck :+1:t5: :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have taken the advised steps this (IMO) is likely to be from an addon app or mod, can you list them? and are they fully updated? also the PMDG?

PMDG and I always fly to third party airports, and I always disable extra clutter when the scenery developer gives the option.

I also use GSX.

I set all the vehicles and stuff at 0.

Sometimes I get the stutter and sometimes I don’t, even in complex sceneries. So it makes testing fixes very annoying because you have to do some flights to be sure. And flying a pattern may not trigger the stutter as the airport could be already loaded.

For example I got a stutter without any traffic at LFBO from Flightbeam which is not a complex scenery.

I’ll see how it goes after the reinstall…

It’s sad but I somehow got used to getting this annoying micro stutter on landing.

Try without GSX (uninstall)

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If it is always happening at the very point that your wheels hit the ground, that should help to narrow down the issue. The “touchdown event”, or whatever it is called, might be used to trigger something to do with ATC or ground services for example.

I’d check all of the addons that might use that event, so for me, GSX and any ATC addons you might have would be high on the list of ones to check first.

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I’m not sure about GSX doing anything until you choose a gate :thinking:

And I fly on VATSIM, so I’m not using any ATC or traffic addon. (I’m just using the models from FSLTL and FStraffic for the modelmatching). But it happens even when not on VATSIM.

Not easy to troubleshoot as it’s not systematic.

I’ll tell you if the re install had helped, and if not I’ll try renaming the ground services files.

It has been one year since the last reinstall so let’s keep hope.

For a 5800X3D a 200 TLOD should be ok right?

5800X3D @200 TLOD depends on what you’re flying and where you are.
200 for me causes stutters flying into complex airports with Pmdg or Fenix plus fstl enabled. I have to lower mine to 150.
I’m able to use 300 LOD flying little daisy Cessna.

I think with a 4090 you should be fine.

Unfortunately, beside the VRAM and FG, the 4090 isn’t very helpful with TLOD.

Of course I understand having stutters when quickly moving the camera at JFK from Inibuilds with some traffic. But the stutter during touchdown is very very annoying.

I had the same issue too, I have applied that workaround and for me it worked

So I don’t want to talk to fast, but after reinstalling the sim and the PMDG. I just had two stutter free landing at JFK (Inibuilds) and LFBO (Flightbeam).

Using GSX as usual.

Need to see how it goes now.

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fingers crossed :slight_smile: