Brightness in cokpit!


I wanted to point out that in VR, there is too much light blur when you are in the cockpit position.
It is sometimes impossible to distinguish the center of the runway…

If you approach the windshield everything becomes clearer and less luminous… do you have any solutions…

My parameters and screen in attachments :

Thank you


Yup. You can try this :

Make sure MSFS is not running.

Open the UserCfg.opt file in a text editor. Its exact location depends on what version of MSFS you have ; for me it’s in :


Look for “EyeAdaptation”. You’ll find two instances, the first is for 2D screens, the other is for VR ; obviously you’ll want to modify the second one.

Change the value to zero, that is :

EyeAdaptation 0

Thx for your response :slight_smile:

I just tried but the result is always the same … I set the 2 EyeAdaptation to 0 …

the file has to be set to “read-only” in its file properties. Otherwise MSFS overwrites your changes with the next startup.

Even when turning this to 0 it is still a problem and have to be redone by Asobo itself … I find even with the varjo aero it is overall to bright…

Eye adaption setting in cfg never worked.

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Try the sunglasses filter in OpenXR toolkit. There are even two different shades. Works like a charm (like in RL)

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Ok thx ! i will try !

I just modified a second parameter in the UserCfdg.opt : ColorGrading 0, It looks a bit better with less brightness…

There is no way to change that, as this is a mistake on Asobos side as they modeled camera exposure instead of the human eye. This is talked over years now…unfortunately.

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Latest Aero software has brightness control, I’ve reduced it from 100 to 50%. Huge difference. Menus are no longer intolerable when flying at night. Sunglasses no longer needed in OpenXR Toolkit.

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OpenXR toolkit offers some control, like simulated sunglasses.

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Does anyone know if this got fixed or improved in SU10?

I’m doing the SU10 now and I’m seeing wild swings in brightness. It’s like if you have a camera on center spot focus. So where your head is pointed becomes the exposure point. Near sunset, the ground turns to pure darkness.

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