Bring back Clouds previous to update 5

Now that with the latest support response it seems even less likely that this issue will be fixed, we need to try and let Asobo know that this was not handled in the best way and that we should be informed in advance regarding engine updates that could render older GPUs obsolete. I have posted a question in the Developer Q&A section about that, so please upvote it for a chance to have this addressed publicly.

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Can you please link it in your post?

Before patch

today after patch

Nothing new

Did see those lines and repetition since day 1 of MSFS

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the lines its not the big problem… look that

Didn’t really pay attention to that but yes, definitely! In my flights after the update I almost saw no clouds at all and when I saw some, only a few, always the same. Need to be fixed

after more 400 hours spend in this product my heart cry to see these thing.
i want my clouds back and not this mud

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The whole sim is too blue in my opinion. I’ve tried all sorts of different color settings and different adjustments in Nvidia Freestyle too, but can’t get the color a little more “normal”.

This is particularly annoying in mid-day, when the lighting is too much to begin with and then we get a lot of that blue too.

I confirm, they are getting worse.

Clouds is the thing that upset me the most together with the new controller sensitivity.

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I thought it was only me seeing that issue. I guess Asobo did bring the details down on the clouds SMH!

Last patch screwed the clouds and night lighting. They should revert to how it was before the patch.

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Patch 4 (or was it patch 3) saw a degradation of cloud quality. I always used High but noticed I had to move to Ultra to maintain the same quality.

lol i thought it was me only also, it definitely looks weird now

I also saw some ugly things happening in the sky. Odd shapes, repeated layers of cloud… Seems Asobo is downgrading the graphics everywhere they can.

Not related to low or ultra, scatter high value with that thickness will do these clouds, you will not have constant good looking clouds with all value possible, some will look gray and stretched etc…

The line pattern was there on previous update.

Coverage 100% before patch

Coverage 100% after patch

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Asobo why? Why are you modifying the settings and making it worse!! Xbox maybe?

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Guys, don’t put everything at Asobo in first place. Most of the community files can make so much damage - check it out. Topics like this brings only more confusion to the whole thing. And again: Without posting your Rig and settings, nobody can help you.