Bring back FSX autopilot to FS2020

Please Microsoft or Aerosoft or somebody to bring back the old autopilot controls from FSX. Even in FSX the g1000 AP was ratchet, but worked well enough to fly my Flt Pln and hold altitude. What happen to even the basic AP in a C172 with operational altitude hold? Please bring back.

AP works well for me in all GA aircraft. What is the issue exactly, and have you filed a detailed report with Zendesk?

Like altitude hold in the C172 or any g1000 AP command in which I don’t have to reset the settings. What happened to the OG autopilot display every aircraft in FSX had. It was just super easy to use and very standardized throughout the FSX platform.

I will admit, FSX autopilot was extremely simple and easy to use, although not very realistic.

Good point. It was just nice to have vertical speed taken care of in flight on the AP. I also wish the AP auto trim didn’t force the aircraft into a dive or climb once disengaged. 1st world problems I guess.