Bring Back Meteoblue and Abandon METAR

Before the METAR update, the weather was much more in line with real life but most importantly it was much more plausible.

For example this is what Paris looks like on the day of posting, low overcast stratus clouds :

…And this is what it looks like in the sim…scattered/broken cumulus clouds

From space it looks like this, a nice layer of low stratus clouds over Paris.

Now what I find the saddest is that Meteoblue actually depicts this weather perfectly well ! Meteoblue finds “Low/Medium clouds: > 95% coverage” and it is exactly what it is in real life.

I wish the METAR update never happened, it does more harm than good in my opinion.

Agree, think METAR-implementationshould have been worked on in a private build to see if they could get it to work in a good enough way with Meteoblue, as currently it clearly does not work properly and does more harm than good as you say.

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Agree1000% I remember the first time I launched the game in September the weather in this game was something that far exceeded my expectations! now is in such a sorry state that I can’t bring myself to play it…just some testing in the vane hope some unknown server issue is magically resolved. All I get now it’s just broken clouds…cumulus of various dimensions…often on the ground, volcanic ashen colored clouds…that’s it.
that was Belfast yesterday IRL

and the sims


For the moment, METAR details to supplement weather is part of the sim design and intent. This topic is better placed in #self-service:wishlist

No thanks.

How about – Integrate Metars into the weather in a CORRECT Manner, rather than just throwing them out, because at the 1st attempt, they were not integrated well.

MSFS ATC is not “working well” – is the solution to remove all ATC from MSFS, or to fix it ?


Couldn’t agree more. I want forward momentum, not backtracking. It isn’t worth Asobo’s time and energy or ours to just say “oopsie nevermind.”


I don’t know really if i want them at all. They are not always matching and it’s not easy to make them match. It’s a really complex thing to do. I would rather have them focus on other things to fix and improve in this sim.

Folks, this is NOT a feedback topic. If you disagree with the Wishlist Item, please move on. If you agree, participate and vote as you see fit.


The issue I see, is that without the Metars, the weather that MSFS ATC is currently given, is different to the weather at the airport in the sim, which is also different to the Real world (internet) Airport weather, both MSFS pilots are getting, as well as pilots in other sims, flying on the same network.

Agreed, it may not be easy to make them match, but just because it is difficult, does not mean it should not be done, or cannot be done …

Therefore I will NOT be Voting in the wish list, to have Metars removed, and I strongly encourage other not to wish for this as well.

Since when are wishlist items not filled with discussion? Why not just lock replies if that’s the case suddenly?


Discussion yes, deliberate attempts to downplay the thread and discourage voting? No. Wishlists are here for people to vote on. Deliberately undermining someone’s wish is against the Code of Conduct.


Who did that?

Please read back a few replies further up.

Ok, I suppose the “No thanks” isn’t a very helpful post. I do hope that what N6722C and I were discussing isn’t seen as just a flat out discouragement or attempt to stop people from voting. I think if Asobo can’t properly get METAR working then I think this is a valuable suggestion. I was just meaning “I hope it wouldn’t come to this” etc. Thanks. I’ll see if there’s a wishlist item more in line with my thinking and discuss there.

Yes please bring back and focus on improving the Meteoblue forecast weather instead. What we have now is far inferior and going in the wrong direction. The two systems seem extremely difficult if possible to combine in a realistic way. It will have to be either one or the other, maybe as an option.


Yes, but surely making a point why the wish is not such a good idea, to give those voting the information to make an “INFORMED CHOICE” is beneficial to all.

Admittedly, not really needed in this particular case – most seem to be wisely aware of what is really required.

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hahaha, the people never agreed! First want more precision, an meteoblue just have approximation to a real meteorology condition, now they bring METARS for more precision in airports area, and now you want a meteoblue approximation again…


The Asobo team has said they are still working out the kinks. There’s still tweaking to be done for sure but let’s move forward, not backward.

for now it just brought a massive downgrade in both precision and visual…so the wish as things stands now is more than valid. Clarification is also needed, the developers need to address this issues with us, who were promised improvements but all we got was 3 steps backwards!!