Bring back visual range LOD please!

As one GA guy, I would like to bring back old range distance for trees and objects. Please.
Dont make this kind of “optimization”… PLEASE!

There is already a bug report for autogen pop-in if you want to vote there. Did a flight around fort Meyers, Florida last night and buildings and sets of trees were popping in under a mile from my plane. This immersion breaking nonsense reminds me of fsx.

We need extended LOD next patch!!!

MSFS is only using 25% of my bandwith.
So it can`t be the internet connection.

exactly, as if we’re so inept we can’t do this ourselves.
This should certainly be a user choice

Try editing your user config. I have mine set terrain lod 3.0. Not a big fps hit on my system. Anistropic set at 8 or 16x and supersampling 4 improves distance textures. Also noticed after the patch that the trees are thinner at distance so I’ve upped trees to ultra. Cheers

Hi there,
I am sorry to close this. We have five very large bug reports about trees and LODs. Please feel free to vote for any or all of them: