Bring Flight Simulator to a game streaming plataform

Cyberpunk 2077 release days ago was a big win for Stadia. It’s a heavy demanding game (or poorly optimized) and runs like ■■■■ on mostly of current-gen consoles. Meanwhile on Stadia, the game runs smoothly, perhaps even better than next-gen consoles and mid-range PCs. Some frustrated PS4/Xbox One players decided to buy the Stadia version and they are enjoying it so far.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is also heavy demanding as Cyberpunk and I believe it would be an excellent idea to bring it to a game streaming plataform like xCloud, being an good option for those who cannot afford a high-end GPU or a Series X and want to play it smoothly on ultra quality. It would also be a good form of advertising for xCloud as Cyberpunk is being for Stadia.

I see stadia and, if xcloud is similar as the death of PC gaming. Big Corporations and consoles are what is pushing the cost of PC components through the roof.

Game streaming is one of the biggest advances in gaming industry, but I still don’t see people ditching consoles and gaming PCs for them. I believe that the target audience is people who cannot spend on gaming machines or consoles. Those who can spend will continue to buy consoles and invest in gaming PC.

There’s still some concern about game streaming (most of them are based on misleading info), but I see they are gaining popularity with each passing day. I remember people saying that Stadia would die quickly in a year or two, but Cyberpunk is really helping to attract players to them.

Well aware that Stadia etc and consoles is where the world is going, and I’m pretty sure that it is being pushed by the big boys for market share reasons.

At some point I started questioning just how much they are interfering with certain things. There are a lot of in the 100 of million dollar fines out there for companies slowing down older tech. There has to be a reason for it. Perhaps it is to encourage people to move to something they can control people with more?! I know a little about how Gaming works.

Since the sim is now on Xbox cloud gaming this wish will be closed