Brisbane Orbx Landmarks broken - Sim update 3

Hi all.
Please can anyone else who has the orbx landmarks Brisbane scenery please check it doing the following?
Depart from YBBN and make your way to the city.
Your sim should be nice and smooth with high fps (I get about 60fps). When you get near the river with the bridge on your left, your fps will drop to about half. Mine goes down to about 20-25fps and is full of stutters. It stays this way from here onwards all the way around the city and doesn’t improve even if I go back to the airport.
Please can you check if the same thing is happening to you?
This has only happened since Sim Update 3.

A similar thing happened at Orbx Landmarks Singapore. High fps but when I was in the middle of the buildings downtown, fps halved and stuttered but it corrected itself as I turned left away from the Harbour.
Again this only happened after Sim update 3.

It was already the same before the update. In Brisbane, dont know about Singapore.

Nope. I flew there the night before the update and it was smooth with no fps loss at all

There must be something different in our setups then, because i had the fps loss near the center right after installing it.

Just bought Orbx Brisbane Landmarks and confirm behaviour exactly as per OP. Most disappointing. Some stuttering issues with Fly Tampa YSSY when used with Orbx Sydney cityscape. Orbx reponse to that is to wait until Asobo address the sim update 3 performance issue and see if that resolves it. Probably get the same response for Brisbane.

Same issue. No problems really before update 3 now big frame drop once in vicinity and I’m running i9 + RTX3080. Oddly i experienced normal frames a couple of days ago but then back to the drop so it appears to be intermittent. Glad it’s not just my system. Hopefully between Orbx and Asobo it gets sorted. I guess this is a symptom of the ongoing development and update cycle.

I’ve played around with this issue over the past few days and my conclusion is that it is not the Orbx Landmarks that is the issue. I unloaded the Orbx scenery and replaced it with the NZ Discord scenery files (CBD, Gabba and Suncorp Stadiums and Story Bridge) and flew the area again. Still serious stutters. I then unloaded the NZ Discord files and flew the vanilla FS2020 Brisbane scenery. The stutters were still there.

My take on this is that Brisbane CBD is subject to the same geographic stutters introduced as a result of the poor performance of Update 3 that are being widely experienced now. Let’s see what the imminent fix gives us.

With the new fix in place Orbx Brisbane Landmarks is now behaving as expected and is extremely smooth. I trust everyone experiencing the problem will find the same outcome.