Bristol is unrecognizable to me

Hi All,

Firstly I would like to say I think the sim is great. However, I was really looking forward to this update as I live in Bristol and couldn’t wait to see the improvements from the air.

I must admit I am very disappointed with this update and Bristol is unrecognizable to me from the air.

I took off from EGBJ Gloucester and flew down the Severn intending to hang a left at Avonmouth and follow the Avon into the city.

Firstly, the two Severn Bridges look all wrong which are very iconic VRP’s on this route. Avonmouth has none of the large wind turbines and getting past Avonmouth Bridge and following the river into the city its impossible to tell where you are.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge does not exist and neither does Durdham Downs ( Which I am sure were there in a previous update)

I gave up as I crossed the city center as it all looked just wrong to me.

I say again I like the sim very much and think the devs are doing a great job I just thought as a city singled out for special attention my expectations were higher.

I fly this route many times in real life and was hoping for a treat.

Not had chance to explore the other UK updates yet.

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There must be something wrong.

  • Do you have photogrammetry activated?
  • Did you install the photogrammetry cities via the Content Manager? The update alone isn’t enough for that.

There also were reports that some people have problems with the photogrammetry cities in the UK, while others don’t. Don’t know what the reasons weren. For me Bristol is pretty amazing.

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The bridges are available for free download on the add on sites.

Bristol looks spot on to me. I could not stop grinning flying over my home city. Like the previous post the bridges and Aston Gate have available mods. Bristol looks stunning. Loving it.

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Bristol will only be perfect once they add the sound of things hitting the underside of the aircraft when flying over St. Pauls.

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Flew the Avonmouth Gorge into Bristol yesterday including flying under the Clifton bridge no problem. Big Improvement.

Suggest the OP has data or installation issues.

But agree the Severn crossings could have been added.

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Yesterday evening i flew around Bristol and everything looked really stunning.
I deleted the old Rolling cache file before use as someone told me to do that.
Crisp and sharp photogrammetry, really great framerate etc.
Before deleting the old cache file everything looked very bad.
Also, when the servers are overloaded the scenery gets a beating too.

Sounds like the OP doesn’t have the free UK update installed via the Marketplace.

A bit underwhelmed by my home city, Bristol TBH. I think I was happier with Mark Taylors addon along with the 2 addon severn bridges and Clifton Suspension Bridge. I also have UK2000 EGGD.

I was really expecting the update to cover a bit more of the city and to look like it had been created professionally (like ASOBO have managed to create so many other cities). I really think they should be embarrassed by what they have done to Bristol - still a bit better than it was without photogrammetry, I suppose

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Clifton Bridge no problem ?

…LOL …floating above the cliff !!!.. a very poor implementation and looks like it cannot be removed or substituted by third party community available much better add-on.

So do I… quite

disappointed. Here is another “nicely worked bridge”…

Maybe stop drinking before you pilot an aircraft next time :wink:

The Avon Gorge looks terrible, the suspensiin bridge is floating, the M5 bridge has a massive step at the end, Cabot Tower is a messy lump and take a look at the M32 as you pass IKEA. No Ashton Gate either, though there is a really nice add-on for that in the library.

A very slapdash effort from ASOBO and looks half finished. I was expecting the whole city, not just the centre and take a look at Avonmouth - what on earth have they done to that.

I’ve also been told that the update has wiped out Southanpton, but haven’t checked it out yet.

That’s a known problem. If you relaunch the sim, it will be placed lower.

However in this case there is still some vertical alignment issues. But certainly better than what you have shown.


I do however hope that they can do something with the tree density in future. Here’s queens square:

I realise its a fudge to make forests actually look like forest by artificially making them bigger, and therefore appear more dense, but still.

The midlands is just awful. No difference to the previous build. Simple stuff like wind turbines and power station cooling towers that we use in real life references are missing. EGNX is a typical place. Massive cargo hub. It’s not been touched.

House and buildings look like there’s been some kind of subsidence look at those house on the right of the Clifton above. Aweful.

Go checkout Bordeaux it’s perfect yet France has no update but one is scheduled.

All a bit slap dash to me, have to try a bit of manual cache see if it’s a server bandwidth issue

This is why I stick to beautiful looking places that I’ve never been to. Mostly Crete - I lived in Cyprus for a few years, so I know how the terrain and weather is and what the houses etc look like - but I’ve not been to Crete, so I don’t know the exact layout etc - and it’s perfect.

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You mean these ones?

What you are looking at is photogrammetry data. It looks fine from altitude, but not when zoomed in.

Here is what it looks like with Photogrammetry turned off:

Here are some comparison shots from above, one with PG, one without:

Really we have three choices:

  1. Existing LIDAR photogrammetry
  2. Autogen with building archetypes
  3. Handcraft everything.

2 Looks best close up, 1 gives a sense of realism if you don’t zoom in too far, and 3 is for Slartybartfast.


Thanks Archer
I had not installed the content manager stuff for some reason. So it now certainly looks better than before.

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Cheers, i’ll give that a try

however, im still going to be critical with this as its rather simple to take a look at google maps and look at the reference that need to be in the immediate area.


google sat imagery you can see the 3d cooling towers rather easily

next image is the UK update, i tryed both on and off PG, still looked the same depiction of the power station at Ironbridge

and this is just shocking Abraham Derby would be well chuffed that someone has put the time and effort in to bring us this

I’d like to have been the manger of the person that placed this into this scene. would I have commended their effort or just laughed and said, come on dude, this is the Brits we are trying to please. will that do the trick !

Isn’t that near Birmingham, and no where near Bristol? What has that to do with Bristol?

You are also using Google, and not Bing. If you look at Bing, you will see these are not 3D structures, and the AI has not interpreted them as cooling towers.

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