British Columbia is best Columbia

Weather over BC was spectacular tonight. I flew out of Vancouver at ~4:30pm local with mostly clear skies, initially west to Tofino then north to Port Hardy on the northern tip of Victoria Island. Then Bella Bella and Prince Rupert on the mainland coast. Low pressure system was blowing in and weather turned to thick rain by the time I reached Prince Rupert some 500 miles northwest of YVR. Probably about 650 miles traveled total in about 2.5 hours.

In a right-hand pattern at Port Hardy…

After Port Hardy, I flew low level the last few hundred miles up the mainland coast. Ceiling was at about 1000MSL for the last part of the flight, so most of the flying was as ~500AGL, or even less. Cruising on ALT & HDG hold autopilots. This is just like I’ve seen the turbo-otter guys fly these conditions when I’ve gone fishing up there and rode shotgun. The sim looks just like it and brings back lots of memories.

Upwind for Prince Rupert arrival

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Is it just me or are their no screenshots?

You were right. I fixed 'em!

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That looks like a glorious flight! Nice work sir!

If you like the area, why don’t you try these flightplans :!AscVExEVYhoqpTN9NB59sbCgATUn?e=CLuyTD
Flights along the Arrow lake near Revelstoke.

They are ment to be used with a C152 or C172, flying at 2500ft. Low and slow.

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I have been doing a lot of flying in the Okanagan area since I have friends that live up there around Vernon. The whole area is gorgeous and the weather has been great for flying every day since launch. Truly one of my favorite places to fly.

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Great suggestions, guys. I will check those locations out. Thank you for the recommendations.

I actually streamed this flight. If anyone wants to see video of the flight, here is the URL…