Broken 787-10 Dreamliner engines

Hi, since the SU5 I am struggling with the problem of a completely out of order Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner. Fuel pumps, autobrake, and “Fuel Run / Cut-off” switches do not work. This makes the plane completely unusable, and I know that relatively many people have the same problem. No methods work (reinstallation, changing cursor mode, etc.). Please upvote this post because the situation is really tiring and I wish Asobo would fix it.

Confirm you have re-installed the premium deluxe package as well and not only the 787?
I had exactly the same problem.

Yes, of course I did. Every other aircraft works fantastic.

Community folder is empty/renamed?

It isn’t renamed, I tried with empty and it didn’t help, so that’s not it.