Broken A/T system on B747. B777-200ER (CS) and B787

After the new Sim Update 6, the autothrottle on the 787, 747 and 777 from Captain Sim (using the same base as the 747 for its systems) doesnt work properly anymore. IAS is not selectable on the 787. It just starts to flicker and does nothing, arming and disarming A/T doesnt seem to do anything. Just had to do a long-haul flight with manual throttles, very annoying with changing winds. I find it hard to maintain cruise speed without A/T. FLC mode does work normally, but it doesnt goes over to IAS mode when leveling off. SPD is enabled on the digital horizon. But nothing effectively doing any speed management.

With the 747 and 777 the IAS knob is hard-stuck on enabled. When going too slow and setting a desired higher speed. Throttles go into TOGA mode and just keeps accelerating beyond the set indicated speed. When wanting to slow down, the AP kills the engines and puts the speed brake up, making the plane a stalling thick duck. Horrible. Anyone had this problem aswell?