Broken Autopilot


After a couple of month out of MSFS, i have upgraded it to the newest version.
Since then my autopilot is malfunctionning. All heading functions seems OK but VS or Altitude Holding doesnt work at all anymore.
Alongside some functions cannot be switched on/off (NAV, VS, FD, … etc etc).
This problem occurs with all airplanes (G1000 or classic). With G1000 it seems that on PFD, the fligh director is always ON and display a climbing path regardless of any altitude setting …

It seems that no one has experienced this kind of bug, so there is something rotten in my installation.
Do you have any clue to reset only the autopilot stuff without reinstalling all the 100+ Gb ?

Thanks to the community

why users never use the existing issue template :thinking:

I see no issue here with ALT, VS,…

Ensure that your community folder is empty . May be also check that there are no old joystick binding which can cause that ( switch to default for a test ).

Sorry about the Template … it seemed that it wasn’t really adequate with my problem… as an orphan bug, maybe should i have posted in another section.

By the way, i have cleared my community folder and reset my controller settings to defaut … sadly my autopilot is still buggy