Brussels (EBBR) JustSim, is this a Bug?


The Blue Lights are everywhere. Is it a MSFS Bug or AddOn Bug. Sadly this AddOn costs around 30€, I expected less bugs :smiley:

If you uninstall the add on and the lights are still bugged, chances are it’s a core sim issue.

This has come up with a large number of addon and default airports since the UK update. It’s a fault in the SDK which causes this. Devs are awaiting a fix from MS and you know who.

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Engineer: “So, how many blue taxiway edge lights do you want us to install?”
Architect: “Yes”

Thats it :joy: , a sea of blue lights.

Hi, thats a know issue. This bug will be fix in the next update. The bug is only for the edit airport; freewere or payware. The team is working to resolve it.

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