BSOD when flying MSFS (fixed)

hmmm… PSU 600W should be sufficent

I still tend to try disable XMP mode of RAM. The second disc, did you mean the HDD ? … did you have some files from MSFS on it or have you configured the virtual page file on that second drive ( hope not on the HDD :slight_smile: ) ? If not, then it should not relevant.

I put this hopefully correct xmp from auto to manual. I will take a try and report asap I got reliable informations.

I have 3 disks.

One small SSD 250GB, one big and new 2TB SSD and one 4GB HDD.

On HDD there is since a view weeks and windows new installtion nothing MSFS related on it.

manual ? … is there nothin like “none xmp” ? Manual means, you have to set RAM settings manual, but what you want is like "auto without xmp mode "

Windows 11 update is crashing PCs with Blue Screen of Death — here’s the fix | Laptop Mag maybe worth a look, if you are on Windows 11.

Was getting lots of CTD and other strange behaviors in MSFS over the past few weeks.
Ran a good Registry and PC “Cleaner” yesterday, and the MS system Files checker/repairer, (which found and fixed a few errors) and now thw PC is running so much better. Higher FPS , no stuttering, and NO more CTDs.

I am totally amazed, normally many of these “Registry cleaners” are “Snake Oil”, but it did find 3000+ things it wanted to fix … so I bit the bullet and let it !!

Nothing like living dangerously !!
(well not really, if you do a full image backup first )

i Used ggole to xmp and where I can find in Asus bios. They wrote fo be find in AI Tweak.

I am even not shure if it is the correct one. bute I work with following info

Othetwise i only foubd d.o.c.p. and that is already not active

Many thanks but i am not

check that this setting is on auto :slight_smile:

You can , back in windows, download the tool CPU-Z and here you can check the memory settings ( TAB: Memory and SPD )

I forgot to mention: D.O.C.P. is AMDs word for XMP profiles :slight_smile:

CPU Z is already on it:

ah… so… in memory tab you see ~1200, thus 2400’er RAM and thats current setting.

Can you also share a screenshot from SPD ?


3200’er and a AMD CPU… we had here the exact the same case 2400/3200 RAM and AMD CPU: Issue with graphic card - #119 by BravoMike472413 where it was the XMP mode. It seems also the exact same kind of RAM.

What you see in your SPD tab are all “profiles” which are pre-defined. You are currently at JEDEC#8.
It seems some AMD systems runs not fine with these XMP overclocking ( in this case is also the cpu memory controller OC’d )

I would recommend:
do now at first some test flights with the default profile. If that works fine, we know that it was the xmp mode. You can optional later check whether the second xmp profile works more stable ( xmp-3002 , which is not 3200 ). This is what you see in your former bios-screenshot with Profile#2 ( recheck that in cpu-z ). ( enable DOCP and choose the profile ). But as mentioned in the other topic, the perfromance beneffit migth not really noticable :slight_smile:

Ok I put this AI Tweak to Auto and DOCP to Profil1.

But don`t see any change here

And I will read this other topic.

:relaxed: … DOCP should not be used in Auto… can you share the memory tab screenshot to be sure ?

PS: memory tab => your current setting , SPD tab => the possible settings

I found that thread after I’d had a rare BSoD, last night, and I’m on Win 10. I came to the conclusion that it was somehow down to a Windows update that the updater had apparently downloaded, ready for install, as it was flagged in my start menu when I had reloaded Windows.

We’ll see, but I’m hoping my assumption is correct and that this, and possibly yours too, will not recur.

If you dont now this, you dont change. I will try.


(With running MSFS in background)

that mean , you are still on and XMP profile ( 1600 = 3200 )

In your former screenshot BSOD when flying MSFS - #15 by Ole1084 it was fine, what you changed ? :slight_smile:

I changed the profile, but i saw tweak chabged as well automaticly.

OK as your wrote in PM I now swaped back to Out and have below Memory. But this was as well the status where BSODs came up


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To give a final update.

I swapped the second SSD, which was also WIndows drive. Since swapping no more BSODs happend till now.

Looks like the SSD was the trouble man.

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