Buckle UP!

Anyone else reflexively reaching out for a seatbelt to buckle up, after you get into VR cockpits and before you take off? I honestly can’t stand this feeling. I am buying a seatbelt for my racing chair that I usually sit in, when I VR in FS2020. The feeling that I need to be strapped to my seat is overwhelming. I think it has something to do with the height. Granted, it’s very possible I have that feeling because I use a playseat, yoke and pedals, so when I put VR on, the feeling of immersion is indescribable. I feel as if I was in a real cockpit plane and my brain says - BUCKLE UP!

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I know a guy that flys DCS VR and has a F16 mockup and flight suit, just for the immersion. So I get the feeling. Time to go VR soon

In Xp, I kept dropping my controller, trying to rest it on the copilot seat…

It’s rather incredible how fast the brain adapts to VR.

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