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Hello gamers. I just entered the pc world and trying to get a pc that can run Microsoft simulator 2020 medium to high my budget is £450 can anyone help me out?

Consider using the official PC Technical Specifications chart.

Notably, double the VRAM on the card to 8GB minimum. This sim loves 8GB, eats it for breakfast.

16-32GB RAM, you’ll get mixed opinions on that.

To give you a sense of what runs - I have what I consider a low-end rig (compared to the specs you’ll see here on the board) - Ryzen 5 2300, RX580 8GB GPU, 16GB RAM. I run mostly Low, with Medium Clouds (don’t make me sacrifice my clouds), and mostly Live stuff off - I get 45 fps average where I usually fly, and for places that absolutely hammer the system like NY City, 33-35. So that’s acceptable for me. As the famous adage goes - your mileage may vary.


medium to high for that budget will be hard.

If you’re not in a hurry, maybe consider waiting for the XBox series X launch this summer.

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For that budget it’s a no go simply because a GPU is very expensive today, and a good GPU is what you need for MSFS.
PC hardware prizes have almost doubled compared with 2 years ago
Try to buy the new XBOX series One X and wait for the MSFS XBOX version…

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I’m running MSFS on an Intel i5 10600K, Asus GTX Strix 1060 6 GB graphics card with 16 GB of ram, and an Asus Z490 TUF Gaming with Wi-Fi motherboard. I’m happy with the way it runs. Here is a video that I made flying the Grand Canyon. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 12 10 11 52 25 01 - YouTube

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Right now is a bad time to buy or build a gaming PC, sadly. To get a GPU that would run MSFS with some eye candy and be enjoyable, would cost about $400 alone. Like a used 1070ti. If you had a bigger budget the best way to go right now is a pre-built with something like a 2080 GPU.

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There is never a right time to buy a PC as things are constantly changing. If someone went by your philosophy they would never end up buying one. If the op isn’t interested in 4k or VR an Intel 10600K or AMD equivalent would suffice and a top end 10 series graphics card what I run. NO need to show your mates I have a 30 series graphics card when a 10 series runs it alright. Here is another video I made flying from London City Airport to Heathrow. Although I’m only getting FPS in the high 20s it runs smoothly. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021 02 23 10 49 53 01 - YouTube BTW I have been flight simming since 1985 starting out on a Commodore 64.

I have a ryzen 3600, 16 of RAM and an old 970. It runs just fine at 45+ FPS when flying far from BIG cities like NY or LA. If I get closer or overfly a decent size city like Seattle, I still get 35+ FPS. When flying in the middle of nowhere like the Grand Canyon I get more than 45. Textures on high or ultra. If I could improve my PC, I would buy more RAM, 24 or more. Of course a better GPU but this game kills any GPU so, if you could buy a 6GB+ GPU it would be better.
Stutters will still hapen with a NASA computer or with a Quantum computer.

Can’t be done on the budget you are looking at. You will need at least 3 to 4 times that budget.

As others have mentioned, at least a GPU card with 8GB of VRAM
32GB System RAM

I’m not familiar with AMD models, but at least an Intel I7-10700 processor. Although some I5, can also handle the job.

I’m stuck in an ageing PC- 8700k and 1080ti, but with 32gb ram and SSD I do okay. Well, until the performance hit caused by the latest update. Now I’m struggling in and out of a lot of airports that were already at the high-end of what my system could handle.

I’ve finally realized that I need to upgrade to get what I want out of the sim. So, it will happen in stages starting next week. I’ll do the processor, mobo and new cooling system first, and hopefully as we get into April, I can get my hands on a better GPU that’s not being scalped on the open market.

If you fly VFR, a low-end system may produce some decent results, but really, if you like jets and want to have settings higher than low or medium, then my current spec is about as low as you can expect to go.

What’s the true reason tbh I see that vat are high

I can’t afford that right now :sweat_smile:

You’re going to have to behave all year and hope that Santa Claus is good to you :slight_smile:

My card has only 6GB of VRAM and works perfectly so a card with 6GB of VRAM should suffice.

The only problem is that a GPU with 6GB will almost cost him his budget…