BUG Cessna 208 spoiler

Hey there,

i’ve just flown the 208 and i was wondering why it doesn’t come to speed up.
checked everything, full throttle, full prop, everything good. switched on the AI-Pilot to see if i made a mistake but also the AI didn’t get more than 95 knots out of the plane.

then i noticed that i had the Spoilers deployed from a previous flight at my throttle quadrant. moved it up and the plane was speeding up!

IMHO the C208 doesn’t have any spoilers? also the 3D modle doesn’t show any spoilers.
this is a reproducable behaviour. Can anybody please test it at his installation and give feedback? so then i can open a Bug at microsoft?

Thanks and greetings from Germany!

No it doesn’t have spoilers…that’s crazy, and a problem if true. I’ll try to reproduce it on my end.

Technically it has roll spoilers. But should never see them both up at the same time.

Oh yeah, man. You’re right, they do!

But it does default to taking off with flaps partially extended, so if you don’t get them up it will keep your speed somewhat limited. Might check to make sure you got them up!

It’s reproducible. I extended the “spoilers” in flight, and saw airspeed loss, and when “stowed” everything went back to normal.

My aileron trim buttons also work in the C172 although it does not have aileron trim.

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thank you @V1ROTA7E for confirming.

@JuiceBox7535 whats the best way to open a bug-ticket?

Thanks all!

Hi @WaxenFiber60572, best way is use ZenDesk. There is also a link on the very top header / menu bar of the forums. They aren’t able to respond in person to every request, but it ill get categorized and looked at regardless of if it they respond. Thanks again for submitting!

Filed a bug on Zen Desk. They appear to be default ON. Pressing NUM / during takeoff roll and its like someone flicked on afterburners…

This was an issue in fsx… I’m floored…

I’m only seeing a single unconfirmed report which doesn’t make sense.
Just checked the FDE and this definitely can’t be an issue since the spoiler drag is 0!

It’s a huge difference. Press num / on flight and the air speed either drops or increases quite a bit. You even get a camera change with it.

P3D forums report it, which is based on FSX. I can take video if needed.

Apparently the users who are experiencing this problem are not using the original FDE.
Again, if the spoiler drag is 0, there can’t be any spoiler drag.

It’s different with the old original 208B FDE which did use invisible spoilers to simulate propeller drag.
Incorrectly using the spoiler key could cause the invisible spoilers to extend I assume.

What do you mean by FDE? Flight model? Modern is my setting.

FDE (flight dynamics engine) in FSX/P3D. FDM in MSFS.
Modern? Your last few posts are about FSX/P3D and that’s what I’m referring to.

Okay, let me clarify my post, sorry for the confusion. First, I run the SIM with the Modern flight model, and settings at true-2-life. When reading this post, I became intrigued about this comment:

So I googled to find out more about the flight dynamics of this plane and how/why they are used. During that I found a link to a post on AVSIM for the same plane. (Caravan 208 EX) where a user was having the SAME issue back in 2018. This was for P3d, but its based on FSX, and P3D Configuration files on their wiki are the same as MSFS2020. P3D Airplane Configuration File Wiki

My point is only that this is a carry over problem it seems, and doesn’t matter which flight model you use. Pressing NUM / in Flight will produce a significant drop in airspeed, and head movement forward like the brakes were stomped on. It also makes a very noticable difference in ground roll distance during take off.

In the flight_model.cfg for this plane, there is mention of spioilerons AND spoilers. For the Roll-Control I belive spiolerons are what is being used from the wiki and quick reading on did on the flight characteristics of this plane.

spoilerons_available = 1
spoiler_handle_available = 1
spoiler_extension_time = 0.2
draf_coef_spoilers = 0.1 (Changing this I would presume would impact spoilerons).

When I get some time, I’ll disable bullets #2 and #3 and see what happens in the configuration.

You can’t simply compare the legacy FSX/P3D FDE with the modern MSFS FDM and I severely doubt that Asobo has used the old Carenado FDE.
And again, the original Carenado 208EX FDE doesn’t have any spoiler drag in its FDE.

Fair enough. The behavior mentioned was the same, so I triggered on it. Still going to mess around with the config :wink: