[BUG/FEATURE] Implement a metering system better suited for VR

I’d like FS2020 implementing a different metering system for the EyeAdaptation algorithm.

As of now it is overexposing any view from the cockpit where there is some of cockpit in the frame (typically sitting in the A320 Captain seat and looking through the right windows in a sunny day). It looks to me the metering is implemented as an average of the frame luminosity, which is fine in 2D.

However in VR, it requires a spot-metering or a weighted average because more often than not the VR technology is making most users looking at the center and moving the head, instead of moving the eyes.

Please also make sure voting for this one:
[FEATURE REQUEST] Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls

Do you recommend disabling EyeAdaptation (1->0) in the VR section of the UserCfg.opt, to minimize the outside view overexposure (especially whe looking into the sun)?

IIRC for this to work you have to disable both EyeAdaptation and ColorGrading, but FS2020 is a moving target and sometimes it changes. You might want to try out and compare?

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a quick update: the latest update 1.13.17 is still affected by this over exposure problem.

Yes, it’s quite annoying in planes such as the DA62 because of the black color cockpit and relatively small windshield.

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