[BUG/FEATURE] Let users adjusting the Render Scale setting by increments of 5 or 1 (instead of 10)

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With certain combinations of TAA render scale and OXR super sampling, we can optimize the rendering cost per pixel when targeting a certain visual result. However the FS2020 setting “Render Scale” is constraining users to a 10 by 10 step size. This is limiting the user from adjusting the value to finer grained, and more efficient values, for one’s hardware, especially in VR.

I’d suggest you unleash the full potential of VR hardware in allowing stepping the value by 1 (or at least by 5 like OpenXR Developer Tool Scaling Factor setting)

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You can set other values in the UserCfg.opt and they do work (at least in increments of 5 never tried 1) though you will not see your custom value in the settings menu in game. Annoying to have to do it that way though.

here is render scaling 1.25 in game (3200 x 1800 on a 1440p screen)

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FS2020 v1.18.13 is now supporting increments by 5 and this helps a lot.

Thank you Asobo!