[BUG/FEATURE] Render the Sun with a fading disk when bloom is disabled

When disabling bloom, usually in order to save a few more fps if possible, the sun is rendering as a perfectly outlined disk (with small atmospheric variation effect yet a plain disk). Furthermore, when Render Scaling is above 100%, the sun disk is rendering with a black outline (like many other “lights” by the way).

However when bloom is enabled, it is rendering as a fading disk expanding outward and it is very convincing, and when SS is above 100% it is no longer rendering with a black outline.

I understand the Bloom shader is actually making something like a blur on a smaller res copy of the render buffer and uses this as the highlighting source (it is usually how it works and why it takes some resources - read back, shader, blend). However it is not necessary to render the full Bloom Shader pass.

I’d suggest when Bloom is disabled, FS2020 renders the Sun disk with a fading out halo. It would just be a rendering shader, not a bloom shader, specifically for the sun, and this will greatly enhance the effect.

UPDATE: As a matter of fact I believe it would be better having 3 values: OFF, Low (Sun Only), High (Full)

Great idea. I’ve noticed this as well.

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I hope it will be toned down in the next sim update. I’m bumping for 30 more days so that it gets additional time for voting and comments.