[BUG LOGGED] Always "Continue in Safe Mode" message

It would be kind of pointless having it if everyone switched it off.

nah, it’s pointless if user, who don’t need it force to use it

I haven’t seen it on my PC

good for you

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What I mean is only those experiencing crashes are getting this message … and I don’t blame the devs one bit for including it because of the tons of tickets they get from folk that can’t follow simple advice.

this is not about your or mine experience, this is about simple logic - user, who don’t need the option, have to got option to avoid the option, if developer force user by this way follow the advice he or she need work at him/her self and at his/her behavior

No, when that message appeared , I killed the process with taskmanager, then emptied the community folder (by renaming it) and restarted the sim. This message has not reappeared since then.

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I understand what you are saying. If you are not crashing then you don’t need this option to be permanently enabled. So please give us a way of enabling/disabling the option. Then if you do have a crash, you can reenable the option in case the crash happens again. The only benefit of having this option permanently enabled is it catches the crash first time round.

What I will say is I think its permanently enabled only for now, and eventually it will be a choice to have it enabled, or when the sim is fully stable, removed all together. I don’t think its a permanent fixture.

But for people that don’t need it, give us the choice of having it on or off.


The message is caused by the fact the sim crashed when exiting. Also check your Windows logbook. Since it crashed, the next time it will come up with this message. If they did not add this message, no one would ever know the sim crashed on exiting…

Havent had a single crash, and still getting it everytime. Like I said the only thing that I could possible see causing it is that my usercfg file is set to read only.

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Despite several attempts to go around all the possible updates drivers, windows, etc. … with or without add-on in community, redid the update of the sim, as requested when I launched in SafeMode, nothing I have always this message, even when quitting with the command quit.
What I find a pity when we develop this kind of thing, is that the message is not clear, why put a generic message? since something is detected as a problem, why not indicate it to the user so that he can fix it? the only thing that the function does is not loading the add-ons of community in SafeMode.
My community folder is empty and I still have the message, so what’s the point of going to Safe Mode since it’s empty? Really not complicated to say it’s your driver of this or that which activates this option, we would know what to do to solve it.


If your Community folder is empty and your drivers are up to date and you are still receiving this message, what about your content from the Marketplace? That doesn’t go in to your Community folder but to your Official folder.

Have you tried uninstalling from the Content Manager?

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You suppose that it is one of the add-ons that I would have bought in the market? If it is the case I can make the test quickly because I bought only one, and this add-on was updated at the same time as the WU6, so I concluded that it was updated to be compatible with the update 6.
Admit that it’s not clear, and that if you have to uninstall the purchases of the market at each update it will be complicated, I do not understand the logic.
But if you think it’s really that, I’m surprised, but I’ll try it.
But it is really surprising as logic.
In any case thank you for the advice I will do it

I’m making an assumption but the message does refer to 3rd Party content and that can include files in your Community folder and Official folder.

Like you said the message could be clearer. So we really don’t know what the sim is seeing to give you the message.

I also only have one item from the Marketplace which is the Mooney and that is broken since SU5, I’ve seen the message once but ignored it…maybe that is related.

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I’ll try and give you a feedback

No it’s not this add-on of the market either, I just uninstalled it and still the message

Sorry, not sure what else to suggest. If certainly doesn’t make sense for you to get that message if, your drivers are up to date, and both your Community folder and Official folders are clear of 3rd Party content.

The message needs to be more explicit.

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Yes, as I mentioned, but I have just discovered a new bug, I uninstall the add-on from the market, I confirm that it is uninstalled/deleted, I quit the game checks, I restart ‘message SAFE MODE…’ I go back to Content Manager and the add-on is still there…
One turns in circle…

I can only reconfirm that after a clean setup of MSFS, the first thing appearing was this message. Nothing installed from the market (not even the World Updates), nothing in the community folder. I tried some forensics to find out where MSFS stores the information about the fact that it crashed while exiting. There are only some files updated but I did not discover anything that hints on a crash. Next things I will do is try to monitor and examine the registry and have a look at the event log.

It is a bit frustrating not to know if there is any possibility for logging.

I am not at the stage to setup my PC from scratch because this is a lot of work.

almost:) thank you for understand my english even so:) i think in any way, user can have a choice, use this option or not, in the any situations, no ctd at all, ctd every single flight, this is have to be optional option:) but, as i mention before, this is not critical and not problem for me, but this is the problem