[BUG LOGGED] Bring back volumetric lighting!

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@CasualClick Thank you for moving this!

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Volumetric lighting was one of my personal favorites. That feeling flying into a dense storm. I spawned in sim to check if this was true as soon as read this post, and it is. This is just sad :frowning:


Agreed my friend. I think what made me happy when I first saw it in MSFS was the thought of not having to invest in another “add-on” that would create the effect for me.


Agreed. Voted.


I’ve noticed the setting for this feature is no longer present in UserCfg.opt:

        Enabled 1
        Quality 3

It used to be between {VolumetricLights and {SSR.

I can’t try right now but what about adding it manually in the file, and see if this work?

Another one missing between 1.17.3 and 1.18.14 is SSSSS (Screen Space Sub-Surface Scattering).

NB: These are more or less the same settings found in other Asobo games settings files, but some might not be used at all with FS2020 and they are just there because the same code is used abroad (Vignette, FilmGrain, Dirt are also remnants most likely doing nothing at all in the game).


I’ll try it now and let you know. Thanks for the tip Lucky!

Unless it is VolumetricLights.

Mine is right now:

	Enabled 0
	Quality 3

But it was also disabled in my previous settings with 1.17.3

I’ll try that first to see if it makes any difference. “0” should be off though, correct?

yes 0 = off, 1 = on, quality 3 = ULTRA

(texture quality used to be reverse 0 to 3 = ULTRA to LOW, eventually try both 0 and 3 and compare!)

Tried this and changing the volumetric lights value and neither seemed to work unfortunately.

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I think this issue would better be described as missing light shafts, rather than volumetric lighting. Volumetric lighting does exist to some extent. What we need is light shafts from strobes, landing lights, etc. which is pretty much “missing”, not even reduced. (tested with Lucky’s solution, no difference)

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I may have the wrong terminology, but I know the p3d immersion packs previously described this as “volumtertic lighting”, but I’m good either way haha.

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oh man, are we going to be like this keep finding bugs for a broken release? :frowning:

After writing the above I gave it a 2nd thought and it might be LightShafts are the ones coming through the clouds, and VolumetricLights are the ones coming from the aircraft ?!

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I messed around with more of the settings but wasn’t able to successfully get volumetric lights working. I wish I could definitively say when this was removed or the bug came about. I’m almost positive it was working prior to the update.

I messaged @Jummivana to see if we can get some feedback. 109 votes in 3 hours is impressive. @OlieTsubasa443

I really could care less if lights are taken out for couch gamers but it wouldn’t have been that difficult to leave the option enabled for PC users.
Gets worse and worse.


It’s frustrating for sure. Fingers crossed that this is just a bug and can be resolved.

Just did a night time landing and sadly due to the night lighting and volumetric lighting changes (that seem to have been made in SU5) it looks very arcade like to me.


Voted. This was a nice feature during night flying, thanks for bringing it to my attention.