[BUG LOGGED] Cannot hear ATC instructions and other aircraft suddenly while AI copilot still responds

Started having this issue only today, don’t know if it’s related to the last update, cause the ATC was working fine til today.

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Following my last reply - I just restarted the sim and ATC working properly again. Looks like some random bug.

same thing happening. Sometimes i only hear and see my copilots communications. Restart and magically returns back to normal. (I fly with 787)

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For me it always starts out working. But after a while it just stopes and I can only hear myself talking and the ATC window looks like posted above by PropDust.

Definitely happens multiple times for me already.


I started a flight and it was working, flew 200 miles and it stopped only hear copilot, and I have 600 miles left to go.

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That sounds like what it does for me. Yesterday I did a 1000nm flight with the PMDG dc-6 and it worked all the way through

I was flying the DC-6 as well

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Same thing happened with the JustFlight Arrow IV

I am having this same issue, I haven’t changed any settings but mid flight atc stops talking and the messages don’t even show up in the text box.

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Same here… ATC Is giving instructions to my “co-pilot” ( i have ATC assist turned on) and he responses to ATC, but heard can be only my co-pilot. What is worse the ATC instructions does not appear even in ATC communication menu box as text, only the co-pilot responses are recorded here. I can only guess what ATC wanted me to do based on co-pilot response. With ATC assist off there is complete silence on the radio, nor spoken nor writen communication from ATC.
It is happening time to time, usualy on longer flights. It usualy starts with normal communication and sometimes it goes silent after some time in the middle of flight. Next fligh is again everything ok and ATC talks. Definitely not a result of any setup of mine, i call it a bug


I have the same problem and after a while even the AI co-pilot goes silent.

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Same issue here. Flying from Geneva To Dublin, was fine just after take-off, about 20 mins into the flight, can’t hear ATC, but can see the text in the ATC window.

Same issue here. I just moved so I thought maybe I had a settings change when I unplugged all my things, all settings are correct, Can’t hear ATC at all, not for taxi instructions, altitude adjustments or hand-offs. Xbox series S

Same here, it just randomly starts to happen mid flight. :roll_eyes:

I too have had this issue since update 5

Same issue here…regardless of AC, route, ATC stops interacting after like 15-20 min, Co-Pilot callbacks are still transmitted. Controller instructions are not even in log.

I first get this robotic female controller, then at the time of switch to the next one, it happens.

I have the same problem. Is there a bug report for it yet?

Exact same thing happened to me today. Voted.

I created an account on this platform just to report this issue and many others that have been making the game unplayable since SU5. I do not know how this forum works, but please, if there is someone from the MSFS team reading this, i beg you, i paid almost 120 euros for this game, and i think su5 have ruined completely the experience, so please fix the game.

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