[BUG LOGGED] Cannot hear ATC instructions and other aircraft suddenly while AI copilot still responds

Have that nearly every flight right now. (like described in orig post)

It works at the beginning and at some time during flight, my co is the only one I’m hearing (and reading).


Has anyone come up with a work-around to get the ATC back?

Tried, SFX off then back on, and a few other ideas, but no luck. Not till the flight finished and I did a hard restart did ATC return. Approach, Tower, and Ground off. ATIS did scroll across the bottom of the window.

It stopped in my case after SU7, but yesterday reappeared again. Closing the simulator and starting it again alway solves the problem for me, but it’s probably gonna happen again.


It’s a very annoying bug, and there really isn’t too much you can do.
It hit me 1.5 hrs into a flight last evening.
If you let the AI handle coms, you can see and hear his response.

yeah this kinda issue has been in the title for about half a year now. Nobody cares obviously…

Well it is a 10 year development project according to MicAsobo, so we might have to wait that long :frowning_face:

No rush eh?


It has absolutely nothing to do with any of this. It happens mid flight after not having any issue while on ground, takeoff or ascent. It just happens at some random point during the flight.

Unless my co-pilot is fiddling with the switches while my back is turned. Yeah, that’s probably it. :smirk:


I’m sure it’s your co-pilot. :wink:

Look at the date when I posted. Back then it was a volume adjustment some had turned down.

I know when you posted it. And yet all these months later, here we are. The problem is worse than ever and, unfortunately, it isn’t the volume switch or my co-pilot. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The bug has been logged and let’s hope it part of SU8 as SU8 is dedicated to legacy bugs and issues since release.

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I had the problem today and I had not activated the AI co-pilot ATC at any stage of the flight.

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Please can the topic and votes from Cannot hear and see ATC instructions be merged with this. There are many topics raised in the forum regarding this issue and the votes are spread all over the place. It needs consolidation.

This problem had been repeatedly reported for the last six months with no sign of remedy.

Hi @AviatorDown8227,
Votes won’t matter when a report has been logged. Merging the other topic will lose continuity.

This specific topic was requeued less than 16 hours ago.

I’ll bring the other topic up directly.

After reaching cruise altitude i only hear my or my co-pilot reply to the ATC controller. But i don’t hear the ATC controller him/herself. Also no ATC from other aircraft anymore. Azure is still online

I can confirm that bug still exist. Not every flight but if lot of communication is taken by ATC the bug appear often.

I have to chime in. I am also experiencing this. ATC text drops out after a while. Can only see the “You” text in the ATC window


I seem to get this specifically after tuning to an ATIS channel. I get instructions normally then as soon as I use my second channel to tune ATIS, I stop getting any directions of any kind from ATC, and only see responses.


This issue is still in place even after the latest update :frowning:
I found it right now during the flight

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Yeah same Problem here with Azure on. No Voice, no Text. Why is Asobo ignoring this?


same problem I guess I restart would fix it