[BUG LOGGED] Giant Building by East Hampton Airport on Long Island

This is reproducible.

So I took off and was flying around. I saw nothing.

I was quite literally about to stop and click over to this post and ask you what you did to reproduce this since I couldn’t see it. I looked over to my second screen to click on the forum and my attention was ripped back to the left (FS) screen.

You can fly right through it.

Depending on you turn your head and direction of flight it mostly vanishes except an odd line and the shadow.

It is even there at night if you look closely.

For anyone looking, take off, fly east southeast. You’ll find it. :slight_smile:

Confirmed location near Hook Pond, 40.952648, -72.187808. It has a relatively low draw distance, so you have to be within ~2 statute miles or so to see it.

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I also saw such huge buildings today at Frankfurt Airport OrbX installed i think

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You know what is cool…or rather, WOULD BE COOL…

So, I play Unreal Tournament all the time. My fav maps are the ones where you play in a giant universe. In other words, you are tiny. A couple inches tall. I love running through pool tables, walls, cabinets, sink drains, etc…

When I saw these HUGE buildings people were sharing instantly made me think of those. I would love an option/mode where all the world was say 100x-1000x bigger than it is currently. You could fly around as if you were a tiny toy or something. I’m probably the ONLY one that would love this but I would. Fly INTO the airports and around all the very cool environments creators have built into them. OOOOH…I just thought, you could then have a drone and it would be like the DRL!!! OMG that would be soooo much fun!

I wonder how hard it would be to have a setting called DRL that would make all in sim things 1000x their normal size in an area? So you could say LONDON CITY and that would expand. Nothing outside of the designated area would exist. So a totally NEW game, built inside the current simulator. 3rd party doable maybe??? Oh just imagine the fun this would create multi-player!!!

Sucks I can’t do it myself because someone WILL do it, maybe based on MY suggestion here…and I’ll get no credit for it at all… LOL


I used the DRL simulator when learning to fly my FPV drones with my Spectrum controller. Yes, it would be fun to fly FPV in this awesome scenery.

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