[BUG LOGGED] Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant trim wheel suddenly very insensitive (as of World Update 4)

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Trim wheel sensitivity has been drastically reduced in World Update 4, to the point where it requires a good 50 turns to get from full nose down to nose up. It was working perfectly fine as of 4/10/2021 (pre World Update 4). It’s so insensitive to the point where the trim wheel is pretty much useless, since it requires so many turns to get any valuable trim adjustment.

I suspect that whatever bugfix went in to fix the 10 degree increment bug also affected trim wheel sensitivity. The trim wheel controller is a physical, spinning wheel, but when spun sends nose up and nose down commands, it isn’t an axis. I’m thinking maybe the 10 degree increment bug made the trim wheel usable in the past (by multiplying the input), but now that that is fixed the trim wheel no longer has any valuable authority over the in-game trim. I think a good solution would be to add a trim sensitivity slider.

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  1. I’m using Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant
  2. Trim wheel settings are default (elevator trim nose up and down inputs)
  3. Fly Cessna 172SP steam gauge (non G1000)
  4. Move trim wheel up or down
  5. Observe that the trim wheel in the cockpit barely moves
  6. Observe that it takes an unreasonable number of trim wheel rotations to move from full nose down to nose up trim

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Ryzen 5800x
34 inch ultrawide 144hz

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No ticket #, ticket filed with title “Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant trim wheel suddenly very insensitive (as of World Update 4)”

EDIT: here’s some additional info for the developers. Please check out this video at 1:28:

You can compare the difference in the trim wheel setting indicator vs. wheel spin distance. With the Bravo quadrant now, a full rotation barely moves the indicator.

same with the alpha yoke trim

I THINK its actually just functioning normally now and was bound to the same bug as the heading bug before so it was moving in larger increments with each click than it should have been



I think the alpha Yoke trim is functioning normally now (I did notice it was way too sensitive in the past), but the Bravo trim is different, and way too insensitive.

When I first tried my new Bravo I was especially entusiastic about the the trim wheel. It felt so right. I’m not a real world pilot but this worked absolutely perfectly for me. Now after the fix it seems like it does almost nothing. This is really annoying.

I know that the wheel rather works like a switch than like an axis. So I’m sure it’s because of the 10 degrees fix. Maybe they should add a new parameter in the controls settings, something like a multiplyer.


Same problem. Combined with other issues the game is unplayable for me right now.

Same issue, worked perfect before WU4. To move the elevator trim the smallest amount requires many, many, did I say many full rotations of the trim wheel.

You are right to say that the fix for the 10 degree heading bug also affected the trim wheel since that was also affected by the bug.

Now the trim wheel is moving 10x slower than before (hence the bug fix). It’s good in the fact that now you can fully trim out a plane for perfectly level flying (not possible pre-patch). At the same time, it’s now making it much more of a hassle to change the trim in large increments.

It’s working as it’s designed as per the current implementation… the trim wheel is not really a wheel. All it does is move the trim up/down in one increment similar to pressing a button once, over and over.

This is ultimately way better than having the 10 degree heading bug, but still not ideal.


I experiencing the same thing with the trim wheel on my Honeycomb Bravo Throttle. It is extremely insensitive.

I’m not sure exactly what “fix” messed up the trim wheel. I checked the keybindings to see if anything had been changed. The keyboard has always had trim keybindings. I also configured two switches on my Alpha to adjust trim. The Bravo trim wheel configuration was checked. Nothing was changed in any configuration.

When I was checking the trim wheel keybindings, I noticed that when spinning the trim wheel, it was registering but not like before the update. I noticed that if the trim wheel was turned SLOWLY, the keybindings would register correctly without changing anything.

I tested the trim wheel during my next flight. As long as I turned the trim wheel slowly, slower than I used to before the update, the trim worked perfectly!

I think Asobo fixed the problem with rocker switches repeatably sending the same command to MSFS. Mechanically the trim wheel works differently than rocker switches but they both look like joystick buttons to MSFS. When the trim wheel is rotated, it sends the same command to MSFS repeatedly. Turning the trim wheel slower bypasses the fix.

I am experiencing the same issue after the latest update. Trim wheel almost unuseable now. It was perfect before.

Same problem here with Honeycomb Bravo extremely insensitive trim wheel after World Update 4.

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Same issue. I thought I was misremembering. Trim wheel takes many many turns for a noticeable difference on the bravo.

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I have same issue. Trim wheel basically unusable.

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Ditto…perfect before, virtually dead as a doornail now. I’ve reported it, has anyone else?

You just have to spin it like wheel of fortune :slight_smile: but seriously, can we fix this in sensitivity settings, instead of saying unplayable?

Oops, edit, that would be No. No sensitivity setting for trim axis. Please fix Asobo.

Before the patch the trim was 10 times magnified like the heading bug was 10 times magnified and the altitude was 10 times magnified. The alpha yoke trim button was way too sensitive.

After the patch the heading and altitude and trim was fixed. Now everything is not 10x too sensitive. The Alpha yoke trim switch is perfect. The Bravo wheel is not. I use the Alpha trim switch to trim and then use the wheel for minor correction.

I agree the bravo wheel was better before, but I will trade the wheel any day for heading altitude and the alpha trim switch working proper.

Has anyone tried turning the trim wheel slowly? I can now set trim much more accurately.

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Yup… I’m experiencing the same thing. Sooooo many turns to trim :frowning:

I’m no pilot, bbut llooking at instructional videos about trim, on trainer planes (Cessna152/172),vversus non trainer planes,youhhave ttrim control for pitching the nose up and down on the left side of a yoke, and you also have a “manual trim wheel” as shown in the video below.

Are you sure that you aren’t supposed to have larger pitch adjustments on the trim on the yoke and minor, longer efforts of manually adjusting trim using the trim wheel on the Brave throttle quadrant?


Thanks for the find, you’re correct in that the wheel is for finer changes, and the electric for larger. However, I’ve flown the c172 a couple times and I usually fly it entirely with the manual wheel, which is common practice in older planes that don’t have electric trim, or for the flight instructor who sits in the right seat and has no t electric trim. I remember that yes, I might roll the wheel a half turn or two, but it definitely doesn’t take entire rotations to get to the trim setting I want. When I go from climb attitude to traffic pattern altitude, I should be able to quickly adjust the trim in one or two rolls, it would be a safety issue if I had to roll the wheel 5 -10 times when I’m supposed to pay attention to traffic.