[BUG LOGGED] Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant trim wheel suddenly very insensitive (as of World Update 4)


I’m going to start setting up the C172SP in Xp11 tonight and see if the trim wheel works out of the box. It seems that I never have to do or spend much time in Xp11 to get going unlike MSFS 2020.

100% agree here. was SO sensitive before, its feeling sluggish now at “normal”. IMO its 10x better / easier to manage now.

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To follow up with my reply above about testing the Bravo on XPlane 11 (Steam latest version), I mapped the two trim settings from the picture below and the trim wheel works perfect without issue. I mapped button 21 for Pitch trim down - mechanical, not servo; and button 22 Pitch trim up

- mechanical, not servo The amount of trim movement is perfect when looking at the trim wheel in the cockpit.

So who is to blame? Honeycomb or MSFS 2020?

I reported it in Zendesk 6 days ago but it wouldn’t hurt for them to hear it from a bunch of us I wouldn’t think. It might just move it up their priority list a little.

I’d love to report it but I got my Bravo after the update came out so I cannot tell how it behaved before the update. I have no comparison :-/

I found a button binding in the MSFS UI named “Cockpit Interaction - Increase” (something to that affect) has anyone gotten this to work? It didn’t seem to do anything when I tried it.

Wow that’s cool, if you have time at some point please let me know!

Thanks for testing this. I noticed the trim wheel works normally in DCS as well, so it’s likely something with MSFS.

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I hope this is not considered normal now.

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Since the trim wheel can be turned in any direction an infinite amount of turns. There is no upper or lower limit. There is an upper and lower limit for the trim itself but the wheel can still be turned at the trim limits.

Thanks for the reminder! Forgot I was going to look at this. OK, so I’m a beginner at FSUIPC, but I found this on page 26 of the user guide:

Ok, so it looks horrible, and I’ve no clue as to what Sbyte, Sword, Ubyte and Uword are, but, for me, this was a case of bung in what it says and hope for the best.

So follow the instructions above, and the entry box for the button assignment (remember it’s not an axis) for down/up rotation of the wheel looks like this in the FSUIPC box:




You can change the Decr/Incr numbers from 128 to any other value to increase or decrease sensitivity by changing the parameter box where it says “128/16383” and “128/-16383” - so change the 128 to something else - bigger numbers mean more movement for the rotation of the wheel (really press of the button).

That way you can make it as sensitive or insensitive as you want.

Remember, with the trim wheel, don’t check the “repeat while held” box

If you use Profile Specific settings, as I’ve done here, you can change the sensitivity of the wheel for each aircraft profile you have so the sensitivity is different for each plane if you want.

What all this translates to in my ini file is:
|23=PA,21,Cx42000BC0,xC0010080 -{offset sword decrement, offset 0BC0 (Decr=128, Limit=-16383)}-
|24=PA,22,Cx32000BC0,x3FFF0080 -{offset sword increment, offset 0BC0 (Incr=128, Limit=16383)}-

But that all gets added automatically! Just as well!

Hope that helps


When the Alpha and Bravo came out a problem was found for various switches with certain keybindings were sending too many button presses to MSFS. For example, on the Alpha it is very easy to leave the START switch in the switch position. It is supposed to be moved to ON when the engine starts. Leaving it in the START position continually sends the START keybinding for that button. The fix for this is for MSFS to accept the first button press and ignore anything after. But this fix wasn’t for one or two buttons but all the button assignments on the Alpha and Bravo.

Restoring the trim wheel operation prior to the update would break all the other buttons. And maybe that’s okay until a better solution is found.

That’s why I had the idea that Asobo might add a checkbox in the controller settings so we can chose which way a certain switch will work. Something like “pre-fix mode” or “continuous”.

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Hello everyone, thank you for your feedback.
This bug has been acknowledged and logged by the team!


Thanks for your ACK sir!

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Awesome! Thank you!

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Just chiming in in the hope this gets prioritised.

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Yes, thanks! Please prioritize. In the meantime, is there a similar set of steps to get the trim wheel to work with Spad.NeXt to what someone successfully got to work earlier in this thread through FSUIPC7?


Hey thank for that! FSUIPC really is a quite powerful program, I only wish it had more easy-to-use menu functions built in, instead of having to figure it out like this. I do love that it can be set as aircraft specific, as you said, which is helpful if the trim is too sensitive on same planes and not others. Thanks again :+1:

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Ditto on the trim issue with the Bravo. Moving it slowly seems to work better than giving it a whirl. Glad Microsoft has acknowledged the issue.

For those who suggested raising the issue on Zendesk, would more reports help get this prioritized? If yes, can someone post a link? Thanks.